Cost of Attendance

Your eligibility for Reed financial aid is determined by subtracting your expected family contribution from your cost of attendance. Your eligibility for federal aid is determined by your Student Aid Index.

The cost of attendance is what the college estimates it will cost you to attend Reed for one year. Included in the cost of attendance are your direct costs of tuition, fees, housing and meal plan (if you live on campus) and indirect cost estimates for books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation.

2024–25 Cost of Attendance

$69,040 tuition (direct cost)
$310 fees (direct cost)
$9,050 on-campus dorm/housing (direct cost)
$8,610 on-campus meal plan A (direct cost)
$1,050 books and supplies (indirect cost)
$900 personal expenses (indirect cost)
$250–$2,000 transportation (indirect cost)*

*Transportation costs included in your cost of attendance are determined based on the average cost of two trips to your permanent state of residence. For international students, transportation costs include the average cost of one round-trip airline ticket to your country of residence.

For students living off campus, a standard amount is included in the budget used to calculate eligibility for financial aid. The off-campus living amount is determined by surveying students living off campus, as well as publicly available data, to determine the average amount spent on off-campus living expenses. The off-campus living expense amount included in the 2024–25 cost of attendance is estimated to be $12,690. Students living with parents/relatives expense amount is $2,930.

Students living in the Reed College Apartments or Birchwood Apartments who participate in the college's meal plan will have their cost of attendance calculated using the actual cost of the apartment and the A meal plan.

Students living on campus without a college board plan will have their cost of attendance calculated using the cost of their dorm or apartment and $3,730 for food expenses.