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Summer housing accommodations are available (pending application approval) for students who demonstrate a need for remaining at Reed during summer break. This could include financial hardship, immigration issues, employment on campus or in Portland, summer enrollment at PSU, or lack of a home to return to over break. Summer housing is not meant to serve as temporary lodging between a student’s travels. Students who are accepted into summer housing but do not reside on-campus for the entirety of the summer will be charged for the full three months of rent. The following key points will help make your transition run smoothly. Please feel free to contact the Residence Life Office if you have any questions.

Application Process Summer House Advisors
Summer Housing Location Moving in
Cost Cleaning 
Timeline Paying your rent
Food Service During Break Day-to-day needs


Application Process

Students must complete an application to be considered for summer housing. There is limited availability and applications will be processed in the order they are received. 

Applications are due Friday, April 25 by 5pm and will be available through the Housing Portal via IRIS

If a student is accepted to summer housing, the student must confirm acceptance by signing a housing contract and an acknowledgment of resources available during summer break to be guaranteed accommodations.

Summer Housing Location

Summer housing will be located in Foster and/or Scholz, depending on the number of applicants. Rooms will be assigned based upon both application preferences and availability. The Birchwood Apartments and the Reed College Apartments are not available for summer housing. Students who currently live in on-campus apartments are not permitted to remain in the apartment over the summer and must apply for summer housing, which will be in the locations listed above.


Residence Hall Room $350


April 18

Summer housing applications available through the Housing Portal via IRIS

April 25

Summer housing applications are due by 5pm

May 2

Students informed of application status via email

May 9

May 16

Accepted summer housing students must confirm their acceptance

Deadline to cancel summer housing contract

May 21

Move into summer housing

August 18

Move out of summer housing

Food Service During Break

Food services are extremely limited during summer break and are dependent on summer conference schedules. Students should plan to provide their own food.



Summer House Advisor(s)

Your HAs are available to help you with any problems that you may encounter. They will also be around to help coordinate fun summer activities, help with maintenance issues, and keep us all smiling. Summer HAs will be determined by early May.

The Residence Life Office will also be open this summer - please drop by if you have any questions or concerns.  Our summer hours are as follows: 

Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Fridays 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Closed for lunch 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Moving In At the Beginning of Summer

We expect your room to be ready between 1 - 6pm on Wednesday, May 21.  If you are currently living in the residence halls, you will have access to your current residence hall and room until 6pm on Wednesday, May 21. Remember that it takes a few hours to move out of a room so plan ahead so that you can be out of your room by 6pm. Please remove all personal items from the common areas on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 20  so that staff can start removing all the excess garbage from the lounges and the bathrooms.  Please have all your personal items in your room locked at all times for security.


Because you’re moving into a room that was occupied until May 20, many things must be done in a short period of time. Please be patient if you are moving into summer housing on May 21. Our cleaning crew works throughout the night to get the rooms ready, which includes cleaning the space, inventory check, and lock changes. It may also mean the floors might be a bit damp when you move in due to cleaning.

Paying your Rent

You are responsible for paying your monthly rent to the business office on the first day of June, July, and August. The business office will contact you, your HA, and the office of Residence Life if you are late with your payments. Please pay your bills on time. You will be charged an additional $5 late fee for every day your rent is late past the 5th of the month. Please see Cost for rental amounts.

Please note that regardless of the number of days a student resides on-campus, they will be charged the full amount of rent for the summer. 

Day-to-Day Needs

Safety Checks

The Community Safety office is open all summer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CSOs will be checking up on the residential buildings frequently throughout the summer to ensure safety and security. Please help them out by reporting anything that is out of the ordinary. Just dial “0” from any campus phone to reach them or 503/771-1112 from anywhere. There may also be fire extinguisher and house repair checks throughout the summer as well.

Fire Safety

All of the houses are equipped with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers. It is important that you turn on your kitchen fan or open a window when you are cooking to reduce smoke and to prevent your detector from going off.  If your detector does go off and there is not a fire, simply open your windows and door and wait for community safety to come and reset your alarm.  If you tamper with your smoke detector (cover it up, remove it when it is going off, etc.) you will be fined $100 and face possible disciplinary action.  If you are having problems with your smoke detectors report these to facilities services by calling x7283 or emailing them directly at

More information will be available once we have finalized the summer housing locations. Please check back for updates!

Contact Res Life
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