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Housing preferences

Room assignments are determined by your choices on the housing preference form in the Housing Portal. We work hard to take into account your preferences and to find you the most compatible roommate(s). In addition to the selected preferences, it is our goal to place students from different regions of the nation (and world) together and maintain a gender balance on coed floors. The first week of August you will be notified via email of your room assignment and the name of your roommate, along with information about where to check in on the day the residence halls open.

Some of the housing preferences include:

All floors, except the women's floor, are coed--students of all genders live on the same floor and share the restroom(s). At the beginning of each year the community on each floor will discuss bathroom arrangements. The residents decide together whether they want gendered or coed bathrooms.

Room preference

First-year students are typically assigned to a divided double room with another first-year student. A limited number of single rooms are available for first-year students. If you would prefer a single room, briefly state your reasons on the housing preference form and attach additional information if needed. Priority for single room assignments will be given to those first-year students who:

  • ...are a bit older than the rest of the incoming class
  • ...who have a documented health condition that warrants the privacy of a single room
  • ...who identify as trans* or gender non-conforming students

Roommate preference

If you would like to request a specific roommate, complete the "roommate preference" section of the housing preference form. You and your proposed roommate must request each other in order to be assigned as roommates.

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