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The Residence Life office supports five language houses that represent the five modern languages taught at Reed: French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. In addition to the Woodstock Language Houses, Reed offers an Arabic language community in Bragdon. Each house is staffed with a native speaker (see language scholars below) and a student house advisor whose responsibility it is to work with a resident director, the appropriate language department, and student residents to make each house a center for language and culture for the entire campus. Each house sponsors a variety of programs during the year that enhance the opportunity to learn about the various languages and cultures each house represents. Students must apply to the language houses.

Application Information for Language Houses

2013-2014 Language House Contact Information

Language House Resident Director: Nayland Olsen

French House: House Advisor Jason Swinderman

Language Scholars Simon Gissinger & Pauline Boisgerault

German House: House Advisor Ben DeYoung

Language Scholar Antonia Helene Kühn

Spanish House: House Advisor Susanna Mizrahi

Language Scholars Matîas OviedoÓscar Ortega Montero

Russian House: House Advisor Andrew Wilhite

Language Scholar Anna Amelyanchik

Chinese House: House Advisor Christian Acuna

Language Scholar Dingyi Ma

Arabic Language Hall: House Advisor Esmeralda Herrera

Language Scholar Noha Zaher Mohamed

Language Scholars

Reed College brings to campus each year eight language scholars.  Each language house is supported by a language scholars who is a native speakers of one of the five modern languages taught at Reed (French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Chinese).  Reed also has culturally themed residence halls where three language scholars reside and support the community; the French, Spanish and Arabic Scholar (the Arabic Language Assistant/Fulbright Scholar).

These young scholars live in Reed's language houses and culture residence halls to support the learning of language and understanding of other cultures both in the halls and classrooms. In addition to initiating new cultural programs, the scholars are often involved in sponsoring conversation sessions, tutoring students to assist regular coursework, and giving presentations to the community on contemporary life in their homelands.

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