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Gender Neutral Housing

At Reed College, gender neutral housing (GNH) is an additional option, one not limited by the traditional gender distinction.  GNH seeks to provide housing options welcoming to all gender identities and expressions.  This housing option allows for students of all gender identities to live together irrespective of documented sex.

Incoming Students

Incoming students are encouraged to contact our Director of Housing(503/517-7429) to discuss their housing preferences. Incoming students can request a single room, and historically, we have always been able to accomodate this request.

Incoming students who wish to have a roommate are assigned a roommate of the same self-identified gender. We ensure that these roommates are drawn from a pool of incoming students who have stated interest in living with a trans*/gender non-conforming student.

Returning Students

All Reed College rooms designated for returning students are gender neutral. Rooms are made available in the Housing Lottery and can be selected by students of any gender identity.

Students who wish to live in double or triple rooms/apartments can select and confirm other students as roommates (regardless of gender identity) through the Housing Portal. These roommate pairs or groups can then proceed to select any space.

Contact Res Life
Phone: 503/777-7536
Fax: 503/517-7691
Office: 28 West,
5436 SE 28th Ave.

Amy Schuckman

Assistant Dean

Clea Taylor

Director of Housing


8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.;
closed noon–1 p.m.


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