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Can I move into my room early?

  • New incoming students may move in the Tuesday of Orientation. Returning students can move in the Friday before classes start. Due to the continuous use of the dorms during the summer, it is not possible for students to move in prior. Back to Top

How can I change rooms?

  • Room changes cannot be requested until after the first two full weeks of each semester. Students must first speak with their House Advisor(s), and then their Resident Director to discuss the possibility of a room change. Students are expected to work out expectations, differences, and disagreements with their roommates in an honorable manor. When a roommate relationship enters into a period of negotiation, conflict, or disagreement, students are expected to work to establish a better living situation. Sometimes students can do this on their own; often this requires the assistance of an RD. Students can also utilize the Honor Council when dealing with conflict in the residence hall. After a discussion with their RD, students may be referred on to the Assistant Director of Residence Life for a possible room change. If a room change it granted, we will offer a room from the spaces available. We cannot guarantee a specific building or location. 
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How do I change my board plan?

  • Students can change their board plan up through the 2nd Friday of classes each semester. Please send the requested board plan change to Residence Life.  Back to Top

Can I have furniture removed from my room?

  • Students may not have furniture removed from their residence hall room or apartment. If a student moves furniture, the student must replace it or the student will be charged a fee for replacing the furniture. Back to Top

How do I request repairs to my room?

Can I store my belongings on-campus?

  • There is a high demand for storage space in the residence halls. The storage rooms are only for students who currently live on campus or who plan to return to campus. To gain access to a storage room, a student must use posted storage room hours in the fall and spring and ask the Resident Director for access to that particular building at other times. Items stored over the summer may not be retrieved until the residence halls reopen for the fall semester. Students may store up to four items for a maximum of two years. Due to limited space and fire code requirements, students may not store bicycles, motorcycles, or furniture in the storage rooms. Please refer the Storage Page for more information. Back to Top

Can I have a pet?

  • Caged animals and fish are permitted in the residence halls. Students are responsible for the well being of their pets including keeping cages and fish tanks clean and caring for pets. When the halls are closed for break periods all animals must be removed from the halls. Complaints from other residents about pet care may result in the removal of a pet and possible disciplinary action. Dogs and cats are not permitted in the residence halls.
  • One cat or one dog per designated pet apartment is permitted with prior
    written approval by the Assistant Dean of Residence Life. Before the pet enters the apartment the cat or dog must be registered with residence life by verifying that the pet is at least 6 months old; is vaccinated with rabies, respiratory/distemper, feline leukemia for
    cats and rabies, parvo, corona, and DHLP for dogs; is neutered/spayed; and is registered with Multnomah County. There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in the removal of the pet. Complaints from other residents about pet care may result in the removal of a pet and possible disciplinary action. Back to Top

What do I do if I lose my key?

  • Come to 28 West and report your lost key to Residence Life. We will fill out a form for you to take to Physical Plant so that your room will be re-keyed. If you have a roommate, you will be provided an additional form for them as well. Only the student that lost the key will be charged the $50 fee. Back to Top

Do you offer housing over breaks?

  • The residence halls only close over Winter Break; they remain open over Fall and Spring Break. The two apartment complexes are open over Winter Break. Over the summer, there are a limited number of apartments available for rental.  Back to Top

How do I secure housing on-campus while I am studying abroad?

For students studying abroad in the spring who want to live on campus in the fall:

  • Students living abroad are able to participate in the same housing lottery process as students on campus. The Housing Portal allows students to participate in the lottery from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you may partake in the lottery by logging into the Housing Portal from home, the library, off-campus, and abroad - almost anywhere! However, if you will not have access to the internet during your cohort time please contact Residence Life for assistance. 
  • For more information on the Housing Lottery, please visit our Housing Lottery Page.

For students planning to study abroad in the fall who want to live on campus in the spring:

  • Students who plan to study abroad in the fall do not need to participate in the spring housing lottery. Instead, fall study abroad students should plan on emailing Residence Life ( towards the end of the fall semester to request on-campus housing for the spring. Residence Life will consult study abroad students about their housing preferences, but placement will depend on the rooms available. Back to Top

What options for Gender Neutral Housing do you have?

  • We have Gender Neutral Housing (GNH) options available for both incoming and returning students. For more information, please visit our GNH page.

What are the laundry facilities like?

  • Every residence hall has a laundry area with washers and dryers, which are operated using a student ID card. Make sure to buy some HE (high-efficiency) laundry soap and add money to your laundry accout on IRIS. More information on Reed's new card-operated laundry system is available here Back to Top

Will I have phone access in my room?

  • Beginning in the fall 2011 semester, landline phone access in individual residence hall rooms and in the apartments will not be automatically available. This decision was made in part because data collected by the telecommunications department showed that less than 3% of students in the halls were using these phone lines last year.
  • Students living in the residence halls will still have landline access in hall common rooms, but please note that, as these are community phones, they are not always answered. Students will also have the option to request a landline in their room. To request a personal landline please contact Gary Schlickeiser, Director of Technology Infrastructure services at Students should keep in mind that making long distance calls on these landline phones will require the use of a calling card.

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