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Margaret Berger Wallace ’41

Born in Denver, Colorado, Margaret moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, during the Great Depression, and then studied English at Reed. She went on to graduate from UC Berkeley Phi Beta Kappa in 1941 and later did graduate work there in English literature. Continuing her love of the English language, she taught English in Salinas, California, and was a high school teacher in Contra Costa County in the 1960s. She worked as a secretary at several Bay Area colleges, including UC-Berkeley, and raised three children with John Wallace ’41, to whom she was married from 1942–1978.

She loved the opera, and well into her 80s continued to attend regularly in San Francisco. Throughout her life, she continued to learn, deepening her knowledge of Shakespeare, Greek and Roman mythology, opera, history, France and the French language, and the arts—both independently and as a member of the Fromm Institute at the University of San Francisco. She leaves three children: Jane Ellis ’67 of Berkeley, Kevin Wallace of San Francisco, and Laura Ma of Honolulu.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2016

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