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Harry B. Murphy ’40

Harry Blaisdel Murphy ’40, August 8, 2002, of complications from pneumonia, in Parowan, Utah. Murphy completed a BA from Reed in philosophy, and received his teaching credentials from California State University–Fresno in 1952. In 1961 he received a master’s degree in biological education from CSU–Northridge, and began a 29-year teaching career that stretched from elementary education to community college instruction. For 25 years, he taught high school chemistry, biology, and history in Oxnard, California. He combined his lifelong interest in learning—"he could hold forth at length on just about any subject"—and in spiritual enlightenment, with his love of travel, visiting countries in Europe and Asia. On one trip he retraced the travels of the Buddha in India. "Buddhism," he said, "is like an early form of psychoanalysis. It teaches that human unhappiness is due to the restless egotistical acquisitiveness of the mind, a thirst for experience, and a greed for power." In retirement, he worked part time in computer programming and lived in Carson City, Nevada. He was married to Melba Ince ’46 and Jacqueline Boklan ’48. Harry is survived by his son and three daughters, five grandchildren, and one sister. Other family members who attended Reed include his mother, Irene Lacey Murphy ’17, and his sister, Mary Murphy Anderson ’47.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 2003

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