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Eleanor Wright McDole ’33

Eleanor Wright McDole ’33, December 29, 2002, in California. Eleanor received a BA from Reed in general literature, then earned a second BA in library science from the University of Washington in 1932. She spent a few months cataloging books for Grays Harbor Junior College before joining the staff of the Library Association of Portland, where she worked for five years. In 1939, Eleanor and Inez Brownlee ’29 took on a freighter trip to South America, traveling through Central America, and disembarking in Peru. In 1940, she married Ewell E. McDole, a chemical engineer she met in Peru; they lived in an oil company camp in Negritos, Peru, for three years. Back in the U.S. in 1943, they lived in Washington, and later in California and West Virginia, before retiring to Danville, California. On business and pleasure, the couple and their son and daughter, traveled to Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia, and the Fiji Islands.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2005

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