English Department


Samiya Bashir

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Greywood 108 | 503.459.4625 | Email

BA 1994 University of California, Berkeley. MFA 2011 University of Michigan. Reed College 2012-.

Academic Focus: Poetry.

Jay Dickson (Chair)

Professor of English and Humanities
ETC 218 | 503.517.7906 | Email

A.B. 1988 Harvard College; Ph.D. 1996 Princeton University. Reed College 1996-99, 2001-.

Academic Focus: The novel, British modernism, Victorian literature, queer studies, postcolonial studies.

Michael Faletra

Professor of English and Humanities
Vollum 219 | 503.517.7729 | Website | Email

B.A. 1994 Boston University; Ph.D. 2000 Boston College. Reed College 2001–04, 2007–09, 2010–.

Academic Focus: Medieval British literatures, Chaucer, Dante, Shakespeare, Arthurian literature, narrative theory, Celtic studies, folklore studies, and children's literature.

Maureen Harkin

Professor of English and Humanities
Vollum 306 | 503.517.7939 | Email
On sabbatical 2016–2017

B.A. 1983 University of Melbourne; M.A. 1986, Ph.D. 1994 Johns Hopkins University. Reed College 2002-.

Academic Focus: Eighteenth-century British literature and visual art, Romanticism, nineteenth-century novel, literary theory, Irish literature.

Kristina Huang

Scholar in Residence
Vollum 114 | 503-517-4180 | Email

B.A. 2009 Hunter College, Ph.D. The Graduate Center CUNY, Reed College 2017-

Academic Focus: Anglophone literature of the long eighteenth century, African diaspora studies, Caribbean studies, critical race studies, cultural studies.

Nathalia King

Professor of English and Humanities
Vollum 305 | 503.517.7697 | Email

B.A. 1978 University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Ph.D. 1992 New York University. Reed College 1987-.

Academic Focus: Literary, narrative, and rhetorical theory, the novel, text-image relations, and theories of consciousness.

Robert S. Knapp

Reginald F. Arragon Professor of English and Humanities
E406 | 503.517.7312 | Email

B.A. 1962 University of Colorado; M.A. 1963 University of Denver; Ph.D. 1968 Cornell University. Reed College 1974-.

Academic Focus: Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, literary theory.

Laura Leibman

Professor of English and Humanities
Greywood 115 | 503.517.7329 | Website | Email
On leave Spring 2018

B.A. 1989 University of California, Davis; M.A. 1993, Ph.D. 1995 University of California, Los Angeles. Reed College 1995-.

Academic Focus: Early American literature and culture, American poetry, poetics and ethnopoetics, Native American literature and culture, postcolonial theory, gender theory, American studies.

Lucía Martínez Valdivia

Assistant Professor of English and Humanities
Vollum 304 | 503.517.4946 | Email

BM 2005 Florida State University. MA 2007 Columbia University. MA 2008, PhD 2014 University of Pennsylvania. Reed College 2014–.

Academic Focus: Early modern lyric and poetics, Reformation literature and culture, book history, music and literature, aesthetics, cognitive poetics.

Roger J. Porter (Emeritus)

Professor of English and Humanities
503.517.7466 | Email

B.A. 1958 Amherst College; M.A. 1959, Ph.D. 1967 Yale University. Reed College 1961-.

Academic Focus: Modern drama, modern fiction, Shakespeare, autobiography as a literary form, nonfiction prose.

Peter Rock

Professor of Creative Writing
Vollum 127 | 503.517.7659 | Website | Email

A.A. 1988 Deep Springs College; B.A. 1991 Yale College; Stegner Fellow 1995-97 Stanford University. Reed College 2001-.

Academic Focus: Fiction and non-fiction.

Pancho Savery

Professor of English and Humanities
Vollum 137 | 503.517.7622 | Email

B.A. 1972 Stanford University; Ph.D. 1980 Cornell University. Reed College 1995-.

Academic Focus: African American literature; American literature and cultural history; modern and contemporary drama, poetry, and fiction; creative writing; American Indian fiction.

Gail Berkeley Sherman

Professor of English and Humanities
Greywood 116 | 503.777.7278 | Email

B.A. 1975 Barnard College; M.A. 1977, Ph.D. 1982 Princeton University. Reed College 1981-.

Academic Focus: 20th-century American fiction, graphic narrative, medieval literature, gender studies, biblical narrative.

Dustin Simpson

Visiting Assistant Professor English & Humanities
Greywood 110 | 503.517.7488 | Email

B.A. 1986 University of Arizona; M.A. 2001 Miami University of Ohio; Ph.D. 2012 University of Chicago. Reed College 2012-.

Academic Focus: American modernist poetry, 19th century French poetry, contemporary poetry in English, theories of lyric, history and forms of lyric, love poetry.

Ellen Keck Stauder (Emerita)

David Eddings Professor of English and Humanities

B.M. 1973 Eastman School of Music; M.A. 1975 College of St. Rose; Ph.D. 1982 University of Chicago. Reed College 1983-.

Academic Focus: Modern poetry, Victorian literature, prosody, literature and the arts.

Lisa M. Steinman

Kenan Professor of English and Humanities
Vollum 233 | 503.517.7464 | Email
On sabbatical 2017–2018

B.A. 1971, M.F.A. 1973, Ph.D. 1976 Cornell University. Reed College 1976-.

Academic Focus: Modern and contemporary poetry, creative writing, Romanticism, eighteenth-century poetry.

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Misha Teramura

Assistant Professor of English and Humanities
Vollum 217 | 503-517-4922 | Website | Email

B.A. 2010 University of Toronto. A.M. 2012, Ph.D. 2016 Harvard University. Reed College 2016–.

Academic Focus: Shakespeare, Renaissance drama, theatre history, book history, Chaucer

Sarah Wagner-McCoy

Assistant Professor of English and Humanities
Greywood 114 | 503.517.7663 | Email

B.A. 2002 Columbia University. M.A. 2003 University College Dublin. Ph.D. 2011 Harvard University. Reed College 2011-.

Academic Focus: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American fiction, transatlantic literature and culture, Irish drama and Irish studies, pastoral and environmental writing, the politics of classical education in postbellum America.