Disability Support Services

Division of Student Services

Assistive Technology

The office of disability support services offers a number of assistive technology options to support the educational endeavors of individuals with qualified disabilities. We recognize that some students may request services that are not covered by the options on this list. Students are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss additional options.Library Computers

Reed’s campus is Macintosh-based and current assistive technology is designed for Macintosh computers. We are happy to talk with students about options for PCs as well.

Mac VoiceOver comes standard on computers with Mac OS X Leopard and provides text-to-voice options for use with a variety of programs. This option is available on most on-campus computers, including those located in the Academic Resource Center in the Dorothy Johansen House (DoJo). Please see the Apple VoiceOver website for more information.

Mac Vision also comes standard on computers with Mac OS X Leopard and has a built-in screen-reader, voice commands, and display adjustments among other options. This resource is also available on most on-campus computers. Please see the Apple Vision website for more information.

MacSpeech Dictate is speech recognition software that is available for student use at Reed College. Please see the MacSpeech Dictate website for additional information.

Additional Resources that May be Helpful

Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic provides downloadable or CD audio books.

Bookshare offers free electronic versions of a variety of books.

iChapters/Cengage Brain offers electronic versions of a variety of textbooks for purchase.

Premier E-Library provides reading software and a library of electronic books.