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Night Owls

A collaboration between Health & Counseling and Community Safety, this program offers students support in staying safe during weekend evenings and special social events.  These extra sets of trained, benevolent eyes roam the campus in the wee hours, offering support such as accompaniment to a residence hall, a snack or some water, friendly conversation, and if needed, a phone call for additional support.

no logoLook out for your Night Owls with their telltale backpack, radio, and water jug. They are a friendly bunch!

Student Staff


Sydney Lewis, Night Owl Coordinator

ava-kambHi! I’m a senior sociology major from San Diego area. I am an aspiring ABBA ambassador and vegan ice cream enthusiast. I think that the best thing to do with a granola bar would be to teach it to tap dance because the world always needs more tap dancing granola bars.




Ava Kamb

ava-kambI'm a senior Religion major from the Bay Area. I like climbing mountains, reading books, and eating food all over Portland. My favorite thing is listening to people talk about what they love! I think granola bars should be used to accessorize every outfit, because then you look stylish and are never hungry, which is the dream, really.

Lewis Chapman

photo of Sarah GelvinHi! I'm Lewis, and I'm a polisci major from scenic New Jersey. My three main interests are long walks, late nights, and pouring water on people at parties. Basically, I was made to be a Night Owl. Ask me about improv comedy (good), the semester I spent with libertarians (bad), or the weather (depends). Stay safe! I love you!



 Guananí Gomez-Van Cortright

photo of Guanani gomez-vancortright

I’m Guananí, a biology senior and bacteria enthusiast. I love exploring Oregon’s epic landscapes and writing science fiction. My favorite thing about Reed is the way Reedies take care of each other.

Johnathan Sheiman

photo of sierra swannHey y'all, I'm Johnathan, I'm a chemistry senior and i like to practice calligraphy and ceramics aside from handing out granola and water to Reedies in need. Catch me under the giant sequoias outside Vollum, or at home playing with my cat Vinny! In case anyone needs to know, my favorite thing to do with granola bars is eat them with friends-- who doesn't love the combination of sugar and fiber?!

Jacob Shaw

photo of johnathan sheimanWhy hello there! My name is Jacob (he/him/his) and it is such an honor to serve as a Night Owl for the 2017 - 2018 school year! Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I came all the way to Reed to study political science; afterwards, I intend to attend law school and someday become a lawyer. While this is my junior year at Reed, it is my first year as a Night Owl and I am most excited about being able to perpetuate harm reduction just a little further within our community all while ensuring my peers have access to a nice snack. After all, Reedies take care of Reedies. :)

 Claire Patzman

photo of den

Hello friends! My name is Claire and I’m a sophomore psychology major! I love hate-watching bad TV, true crime novels, and telling people about how hydrated I am (and hydrating others). A fair amount of my free time is spent working with children, so believe me when I say I’m ready for anything. I’m always excited about meeting new people, especially if you are an avid fan of Degrassi like myself..

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