Community Wellness

Division of Student Services

Night Owls

A collaboration between Health & Counseling and Community Safety, this program offers students support in staying safe during weekend evenings and special social events.  These extra sets of trained, benevolent eyes roam the campus in the wee hours, offering support such as accompaniment to a residence hall, a snack or some water, friendly conversation, and if needed, a phone call for additional support.

no logoLook out for your Night Owls with their telltale backpack, radio, and water jug. They are a friendly bunch!

Student Staff

Nicole Thompson, Night Owl Coordinator

photo of nicole thompsonHi! My name is Nicole Thompson! I am night owl coordinator this year! I am also a senior Poli Sci major, and one of the few brave souls in the ICPS program. My passions include pouring water into peoples' mouths and walking for long distances in the middle of the night. This is my third year with community wellness, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have! As a veteran night owl, I know the best thing to do with a granola bar is keep it for your finals week food stash.

Ava Kamb

photo of Ava Kamb

I'm a sophomore Religion major from the Bay Area, interested in multicultural issues and healthcare. I like climbing mountains, reading books, traveling and exploring the world. My favorite thing is listening to people talk about what they love, so talk to me on my rounds! I think granola bars should be used to accessorize every outfit, because then you look stylish and are never hungry, which is the dream, really.

Henrik de Savy

photo of henrik de savy

Slowly building a permanent residence in communion with animals, Henrik has been working long and hard to "earn his wings" and fully become a night owl. Some like to think of him as a hopeful Sociology/Psychology sophomore, or even as a wannabe A Capella flash mob leader, but he chooses to not let these things define him. When asked, he'll probably blush and briefly turn away before answering, "I love people and life with all my heart - I guess just think of me as family?" After answering, he might take out a granola bar, offer it to you, and if you aren't hungry, plenty of squirrels will be.

Guananí Gomez-Van Cortright

photo of Guanani gomez-vancortright

I’m Guananí, a sophomore biology major and lover of hemoglobin in particular. I'm currently working on learning to do a handstand, surviving organic chemistry, and hiking through Oregon’s awesome landscapes as much as possible. My favorite thing about this school is how Reedies take care of each other. The best use for a granola bar is finding the alternate dimension where granola bars are magic wands, and becoming a wizard there.

Nicole Ezell

photo of nicole ezell

Hi! My name's Nicole, and I am a senior biology major from Austin, TX. My favorite animal is dogs, and I currently have a tarantula, a sourdough culture, a kombucha mother and various lactobacilli cultures floating around in jars. Those count as pets, right? I'm currently working on improving my painting and hooping skills. Come say hi! If I had a bunch of extra granola bars, I'd build little human-shaped inuksuit to guide people around campus.

Sierra Swann

photo of sierra swannHi buds! My name is Sierra Swann. I'm from San Diego but Portland is more chill and is my home. I'm known as the Night Owl that can hit every floor of ODB without repeating and only leaving the building once, or one of 2 owls that will completely derail a shift if it means looking at a slug. Let me give you snacks or teach you about the thing I am most knowledgeable about, One Direction conspiracy theories.

Johnathan Sheiman

photo of johnathan sheimanHi there! I’m Johnathan, a junior psychology and chemistry- oriented Reedie. I’m a born and raised Massachusettsian but I love how things are here out West. In my free time, I consume antioxidants via tea (my favorite type is green!) and I relish going into the canyon to stare at the plants and trees (and maybe eat some berries if they’re in season). As a night owl by nature, you’re likely to find me outside, at 2 a.m., enjoying the night and watching the stars before I get some shut- eye. Oh yeah, and my favorite thing to do with a granola bar is to break it up into sticks and balls to model my favorite chemicals!

Sydney Lewis

photo of sydney lewisI’m a sophomore prospective sociology major from San Diego area. I would describe myself as a musical theater lover, aspiring ABBA ambassador, and ice cream enthusiast. I also enjoy hiking, running, dancing, singing, and exploring Portland. Be sure to find me if you want to hear an elephant joke or to dress in animal costumes with a friend. I think that the best thing to do with a granola bar would be to teach it to tap dance because the world always needs more tap dancing granola bars.

Aliana Knoepfler

photo of aliana knoepfler

I'm a junior Psychology major from Davis, CA. In my free time, I enjoy baking, reading, and hiking. I also really like thrift stores and vintage shopping around Portland. If you are looking for something to do with leftover Night Owl granola bars, I'd recommend using them to play an impromptu game of Jenga.

Will Holdhusen

photo of will holdhusen

I'm a Senior Math-Physics major from northwest Montana. I spend most of my time doing homework, fraternizing with the enemy, running, jaywalking, and playing video games. Sometimes I do music things. I find granola bars to be quite dull and generally give them very little thought.

Modi Raduma

photo of modi radumaJambo! my name is Modi. I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya but I call many different places home. I'm a sophomore Chemistry major. I enjoy reading books, swimming, dancing and I eat a lot yogurt, yummy! I'm also learning how to play the guitar, which is pretty interesting. I'm so stoked to be part of theNight Owl team this year. Well, I still think a granola bar should be blended into a milkshake or grounded to powder just to save us the hassle of chewing!

Jacob Hayman

photo of jacob haymanHey folks! I'm a rising sophomore. I love to run, bike, and do other active things. When I'm home in Washington, DC I work at a landscaping company and a local leatherworks company. I would definitely stuff my face with a granola bar. Granola bars and trail mix happen to be a big part of my diet.

Hannah Looney

photo of hannah looneyI am a senior French Literature major out of Saint Joseph, Missouri, "Where the West began and Jesse James ended". I like hiking, birds, vegan Thai food, and Leone's westerns. Look for me at night; I'm usually grimacing and wearing a trench coat. Ask me about my poetry thesis or my famous exploits in the jungles of Missouri. Being a Night Owl is super fun and helps fund my post-Reed dreams of traveling through Europe with my darling. A granola bar should be used to woo a princess.

Lafcadio Flint

photo of lafcadio flintI'm a Psychology major from San Francisco, CA. My favorite things include writing, playing guitar and going for runs.  I'm also a big fan of 90s hip hop. Go WuTang.