Collective Voices: Solidarity Series

Collective Voices is a speaker series that brings local organizers, activists, and speakers to campus to talk about their social change work, discuss pressing local, national, and international issues, and invite members of the Reed community to become involved.

Collective Voices: Solidarity Series draws attention to the issues faced by marginalized communities across the globe by illuminating how these issues manifest within the context of the greater Portland community. To educate the entire Reed community about working for positive social change, SEEDS brings community partners to campus to talk about their social justice work and provides pathways for students, staff, and faculty to get involved in this work both on and off campus. Our invited speakers amplify marginalized or silenced narratives, center critical issues, and cultivate a spirit of solidarity in social justice work. We invite community members to join us to learn more about the power of collective action. Click to see all events.

Check out this recording of our Alumni of Color event from March 2021 hosted with Alumni Relations!

Collective Voices Video Gallery

Alumni of Color Panel

February 25, 2021

This alumni panel features former Reed graduates located across the country. Each shares their perspective on finding their path as a person of color, navigating professionalism, and using their voice to speak out against oppression.

Collective Voices: HOLLA Mentors

April 15, 2021

SEEDS Collective Voices Series with Izear Smith and Fernando Ibanez of HOLLA Mentors. HOLLA Mentors exists to empower students of color in Portland. Their priority is to change the narrative of youth of color through culturally responsive relationships. This presentation is brought to you by SEEDS and the Reed College Library.