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We are located in Student Center 112.


SEEDS Professional Staff

  • photo of Madeline Harmon
  • Madeline Harmon
  • SEEDS program director in the office of institutional diversity (OID)
  • Off record, their life is a mystery. On record, they graduated with their MSW in Social Work from Portland State and have completed over 3000 hours of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga training, including a year long course of study with Ericka Huggins of the Black Panther Party in Oakland. They are passionate about understanding the link between culture, community healing and trauma. They operate from a community engagement model that is de-colonial in practice-- meaning it's important to introduce models of engaging the community through song, dance and music in order to facilitate deeper listening and embodied learning in the movement towards liberation. They strive to see each person's inherent worth and strengths. They believe that a loving and strengths based community is the only remedy to generational trauma, systemic oppression and cultural mysogynoir. They are always down to wax philosophic. They try not to take life too seriously, and may convince you to do the same. 

SEEDS Student Staff

  • Photo of Olivia Dao
  • Olivia Dao ’21
  • Off-campus Federal Work-Study Coordinator
  • Olivia is a senior Neuroscience major from Southern California. Outside of her Reed responsibilities, she enjoys spending her time cooking and eating good food (especially Vietnamese food), playing music, and laughing. She believes that connecting with the Portland community can enhance students’ experiences at Reed and she is really excited to help individuals connect and build beneficial partnerships with the Reed and Portland community.
  • photo of LiLi Siedare
  • LiLi Siedare ’23
  • Community Engagement Events Co-Coordinator
  • Hi, I’m LiLi (she/her/hers)! I’m a second year Sociology major interested race, specifically Asian American advocacy. In my spare time, I enjoy snacking, photosynthesizing, and watching horror films. I look forward to working with the Collective Voices series and bringing more Reedies into community engagement. By providing a platform for marginalized people to educate and talk about their experiences, we can further work towards positive social change. Feel free to come to me with suggestions for local speakers, organizations, activists or artists the you’d like to see at Reed for the Collective Voices series!
  • photo of Abhi Rajshekar
  • Abhi Rajshekar ’21
  • Community Engagement Events Co-Coordinator
  • Abhi is a senior political science major from Thrissur, India. He is a fan of tennis and likes to bake and write during his free time. Come talk to him about the organizations you’d like for us to invite for Collective Voices, and other speakers, activists or artists you’d like to see at Reed!
  • photo of Leila Sinclair
  • Leila Sinclair ’22
  • Reed Community Pantry Co-Coordinator
  • Leila is a third-year comparative literature major from Toronto, Canada, who also works as co-chair of the Restorative Justice Coalition and a SHARE advocate. She’s always up for admiring trees, baking muffins, and chatting about how to create welcoming spaces, and there’s a high chance she’s haunting the PAB practice rooms right now. She’s excited to help the pantry grow this year, and would love to hear your ideas and help connect you to the pantry, so feel free to reach out or say hello.
  • photo of Kyla Hayworth
  • Kyla Hayworth ’21
  • Reed Community Pantry Co-Coordinator
  • Kyla (they/them) is a senior psychology major from ATX and one of the Reed Community Pantry coordinators. They care a lot about food justice, both on and off-campus. Their hobbies include eating, petting their cats, and sewing. Feel free to ask them about accessing or volunteering for the pantry!
  • photo of Lucas Yong
  • Lucas Yong ’21
  • SEEDS@Schools Co-Coordinator
  • Lucas is a senior Math/CS major from Singapore. He loves to cook and share food with his family and friends. He is super excited about SEEDS@Schools, which connects Reed students to after-school programs at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Talk to him about getting involved!
  • Photo of Sophie Klingborg
  • Sophie Klingborg ’22
  • SEEDS @Schools Co-Coordinator
  • Sophie is a Biology major and New Yorker who enjoys several old-person hobbies such as embroidery and crossword puzzles. She would love to foster a loving community at Reed and in the greater Portland area. She is always receptive to fresh ideas and points of view.
  • Photo of Maddie Conley
  • Madelynn Nakaji-Conley ’22
  • Admin & Marketing Co-Coordinator 
  • Madelynn is a third year ES-Chem major from Cleveland, OH. She grew up second oldest in a family of 7 kids and consequently has had numerous jobs working with children of various ages and abilities. Her Japanese heritage has informed her experiences in social justice and community. As she studies ES, she hopes to learn more about the countless ways science and conservation go hand in hand with human rights and social issues.
  • photo of Aditya Gadkari
  • Aditya Gadkari ’22
  • Community Engagement Credit Coordinator
  • Aditya is a junior Economics major from Pune, India. He is passionate about social and environmental justice and is an outdoor enthusiast, especially when it comes to backpacking and mountaineering. When he isn't catching up on readings, Aditya loves watching rugby, petting animals and going on long walks through Portland. He is always happy to answer questions regarding SEEDS or CE credit or even to chat over a cup of coffee so do not hesitate to reach out to him.