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SEEDS Professional Staff

Student Staff

  • photo of Lillyanne Pham
  • Lillyanne Pham ’20
  • Admin & Marketing Coordinator
  • Lillyanne is a grassroots Vietnamese American woman from Indiana who firmly believes in problem-solving and/or coping through creative expression. Ask her about CLBR and On-Campus Jobs and Maybe More!


  • photo of Alyse Cronk
  • Alyse Cronk ’20
  • NE Emergency Food Program Coordinator
  • Alyse is a senior Economics major and confrontational Sagitarrius who spends her free time subverting challengers.


  • photo of Maya Arigala
  • Maya Arigala ’20
  • Community Engagement Events Coordinator
  • Maya is a senior comparative literature major from Washington state. She’s always down to talk about Desi food in Portland, postcolonial studies at Reed, and nonprofits you’d like to see in the Collective Voices Series.


  • photo of Ashley San Miguel
  • Ashley San Miguel ’20
  • Off-campus Federal Work-Study Coordinator
  • Ashley is a senior Political Science major from Sugar Hill, Georgia. Her family is all from Peru and informs her passion for immigrant rights, undocumented communities, and immigration reform. She loves cooking, being with dogs, and spending time at home with her friends. She is passionate about getting people involved and engaged with the broader issues at Reed and in the Portland community.


  • photo of Leila Sinclair
  • Leila Sinclair ‘22
  • Reed Community Pantry Coordinator
  • Leila is a second-year comparative literature major from Toronto, Canada, who also works as co-chair of the Restorative Justice Coalition and a SHARE advocate. She’s always up for admiring trees, baking muffins, and chatting about how to create welcoming spaces, and there’s a high chance she’s haunting the PAB practice rooms right now. She’s excited to help the pantry grow this year, and would love to hear your ideas and help connect you to the pantry, so feel free to reach out or say hello.


  • photo of Daysha Montgomery
  • Daysha Montgomery ’21
  • Community Engagement and Pre-Health Program Coordinator 
  • I'm Daysha, a junior Classics-Religion major and the Community Engagement Coordinator this year. She is eager to connect Reedies to the communities overshadowed by the gentrification that comes along with institutions like Reed. She believes that committing to service and networking with the greater Portland area should be an integral part of our education, and is super excited to facilitate those connections. She also has a kitten named Henny whom she would love to introduce to you.


  • photo of missing photo
  • Cheryl Fok ’21
  • SEEDS @Schools Coordinator
  • I'm Cheryl, one of this year's SEEDS @Schools Coordinators! I'm an international student and junior from Hong Kong, so I'm super excited to get in touch with Portland's community and culture through SEEDS' work. My prior experience has been working with foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, so I'm looking forward to participating in a whole new form of community engagement with new people! SEEDS stuff aside, I'm really just a nerd with a sweet tooth and the proud owner of a big fluffy Samoyed, so I'm always happy to talk about anything community-/food-/pet-related.


  • photo of Kyla Hayworth
  • Kyla Hayworth ’21
  • Reed Community Pantry Coordinator
  • My name is Kyla (they/them) and I'm a Reed Community Pantry coordinator! I'll be a junior this year, which is interesting considering that I was really just a first-year yesterday. You'll see me around campus a lot because I live in the Student Union - come drop by and say hi to my cat, Bean (no guarantees that he won't bite or scratch you, also no guarantees that he won't just hide). I help run the RCP because I care about food justice on this campus. Reed is hard enough with an empty stomach.


  • photo of Lucy Xing
  • Lucy Xing ’21
  • Faculty Support & Critical Resistance Coordinator
  • Lucy Xing is an angry Chinese from the Bay Area interested in political education. She looks forward to working closely with other students of color in her role as the API Student outreach and Programs Coordinator at the MRC, the SEEDS Faculty Support & Critical Resistance Coordinator. She is also the editor of Radicle, the peer-reviewed Anthropology journal of Reed. You can find her currently advancing her agenda through the English and Anthropology departments.


  • photo of Abhi Rajshekar
  • Abhi Rajshekar ‘21
  • OID x SEEDS Liaison
  • My name’s Abhi, and I’m a junior Political Science Major from India. I’m the liaison between the Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) and SEEDS, and I mainly work with Maya on the Collective Voices Series. I’m a fan of tennis and I like to bake and write during my free time. Come talk to me about the organizations you’d like for us to invite for Collective Voices, and other speakers, activists or artists you’d like to see at Reed!


  • photo of Lucas Yong
  • Lucas Yong ‘21
  • SEEDS @Schools Coordinator
  • Hello! My name is Lucas and I'm a math-computer science junior. I am an international student from Singapore and I moved to Portland for college two years ago. When I'm not doing Reed things I'm happiest when I'm doing Judo and eating good food. I'm new to the SEEDS team this year and super excited to be part of a great organization that connects Reedies with the community!
  • photo of Aditya Gadkari
  • Aditya Gadkari '22
  • Community Cycling Program Coordinator
  • Aditya is a second-year prospective Economics major from Pune, India. He is passionate about social and environmental justice and is an outdoor enthusiast, especially when it comes to backpacking and climbing. When he isn't catching up on readings, Aditya loves watching rugby, petting animals and going on long walks through Portland. He is always happy to answer questions regarding the community cycling program or even to chat over a cup of coffee so do not hesitate to reach out to him.