Community Engagement (CE) Internship Program

The Community Engagement (CE) Internship Program offers valuable opportunities for students to connect with the local Portland community and gain hands-on experience by supporting local non-profit organizations focused on social change and community engagement. Through the CE Internship Program, SEEDS partners with various local non-profit organizations to provide these community engagement opportunities.

Students can participate in the CE Internship Program in two ways through the Off-Campus Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program and/or the Community Engagement (CE) Credit Program.

The Off-Campus FWS Program is for eligible students who receive Federal Work-Study through their financial aid package.  Students can apply and interview for off-campus paid internship positions SEEDS set up with local non-profit organizations.

Off-Campus FWS Program: Learn MoreThe CE Credit Program is for eligible students who wish to earn PE credit (earned through receiving CE credit) by volunteering for a local non-profit organization for at least 2 hours a week during each quarter.

CE Credit Program: Learn MoreInterested students should visit program websites for eligibility criteria, program requirements & guidelines, program timeline, application/registration instructions, and more.  

Questions?  Reach out to our team by emailing!