Russian Language & Literature

Русский язык и русская литература в Рид–колледже

Language Scholar

The live-in language scholar is an indispensable member of the Reed Russian Department. A year or more of residence at the Russian House on campus provides both the scholar and the students with constant opportunities for language practice and cultural contact. As a member of the department, the Language Scholar teaches language drill-sections, attends and coordinates cultural events, and guides students through varying aspects of the Russian experience: culinary, linguistic, political, historical, and on and on...

Yulia Tishkina

My name is Yulia Tishkina. Now am finishing my master's studies at the Department of Semiotics at the University of Tartu, and I got my bachelor's degree in Russian literature and Russian language.

Knowing languages gives a possibility to get to know different cultures and different minds. Each language is a system decoding human life, so learning languages expands individual knowledge about the world. And I think it is important at least to bear in mind the diversity of the world surrounding us. It may sound like a truism, although this characteristic does not belittle the idea. Language as a tool gives access to something new and curious, and the very fact that you can try to understand something quite unfamiliar fascinates me a lot.  And there is also one thing concerning languages is that every language itself is a specific sign system with special rules, norms, and mechanisms of inner regulation, and it is always connected with a huge amount of other systems with their own rules and norms. For me, it is some sort of puzzle to figure out how and when one language influenced another one at different levels.

I can not call myself a cinephile, but when I have free time, I like to watch both fictional and documentary films. Also, I enjoy long walks, which help to collect my thoughts or to spend time with an interesting company.

I do not have any particular expectations about the time at Reed, but I hope it will not be really challenging for me to get into a new context. I am sure it would be an interesting experience, and maybe interest and curiosity are important when you face something new.

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