Russian Language & Literature

Русский язык и русская литература в Рид–колледже

Language Scholar

The live-in language scholar is an indispensable member of the Reed Russian Department. A year or more of residence at the Russian House on campus provides both the scholar and the students with constant opportunities for language practice and cultural contact. As a member of the department, the Language Scholar teaches language drill-sections, attends and coordinates cultural events, and guides students through varying aspects of the Russian experience: culinary, linguistic, political, historical, and on and on...

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Anna Zalevskaya

I studied film studies at Smolny College of St. Petersburg State University. While studying there, I worked as an academic writing tutor and the Russian language tutor for American students. In spring semester of 2015 I also had a chance to be the Russian language tutor in Bard college, NY.

Here at Reed I have an amazing opportunity to work with its brilliant students and faculty in a remarkably unique academic environment."

Former Language Scholars

2016-17 Gleb Vinokurov
2015-16 Dmitry Tyapin
2014-15 Anastasia Gushchina
2013-14 Anna Amelyanchik
2012-13 Maria Kolga
2011-12 Alexey Poggenpol
2010-11 Liana Battsaligova
2009-10 Zhenya Kudriavtseva
2008-09 Peter Leznikov