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The Reed College Office of Residence Life manages Reed-owned housing. This page contains information and helpful links regarding off-campus living.

The Residence Life office does not endorse off-campus housing agencies or arrangements. The information and links on this page are published for general information purposes only. Students are responsible for their own contractual arrangements for off-campus housing. Reed College is neither a party to nor beneficiary of any such contract.

For information regarding off-campus housing, please review the 2017-18 Off-Campus Housing Resource Guide, in addition to the content available below.

Housing Search Tools

Trulia is a user-friendly search engine that selects apartments and houses for rent by price, area, and number of bedrooms. It can also narrow searches to include pet-friendly spaces and other amenities.

Craigslist is a hub for classified advertisements, including a variety of housing options. Note: Reed is located in Multnomah County, but Clackamas County is just south of campus and would still offer relatively close housing options.

Reed Switchboard connects "asks" and "offers" between members of the Reed community and allows students to post inquiries about housing and roommate requests.

Tips for Searching for Off-campus Housing

Start thinking about off-campus housing early.

The earlier you begin your research, the better idea you'll have about what type of housing you want and what opportunities are available in the greater Portland community. Talk to students who have lived off campus to get an idea of what is possible.

Set your range, determine your needs.

Now that you have contemplated moving off campus, you need to consider a few serious questions. What is your price range? How far away do you want to live from campus? How many roommates do you want? One helpful way to decide what you want is to build three categories about your potential housing space: what you want in a home, what you need in a home, and what you can have in a home. For example, you may want a pet-free home, but you can and would be willing to have a roommate with a dog.

After narrowing your preferences, it is helpful to have a set of ranges you can share with potential landlords and roommates. You will have an easier time searching if you have a hard-and-fast outline of what you are looking for in a future home.

Talk with Reedies you want to live with.

If you are hoping to share a place with other people, share the responsibility of finding an off-campus home, too, by recruiting some fellow Reedies. Oftentimes, whole Reed houses will need new tenants, and working with a group or partner housemate may make your search a little easier. A word to the wise: best friends do not always make the best roommates. Select with care!

Reed Night Bus

The Reed Night Bus is a Reed shuttle service that provides safe late-night transport to students who live off-campus.

Dates and times of service

Sunday–Thursday: 10:15 p.m.–2:15 a.m.

Friday–Saturday: 10:15 p.m.–midnight

Shuttle travel boundaries

North: E Burnside St.

South: SE Johnson Creek Blvd.

East: SE 82nd Ave.

West: Willamette River

Pick-up times & location

First run: 10:15 p.m.

Next run: 11 p.m.

After 11 p.m.: runs on the half hour and hour if students are present.

Location: Eliot Circle

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