Office of the Registrar

Changing your Name with the Registrar

The registrar’s office retains legal records of students’ information, including names. For that reason, in order to change the name on a student’s record, the Registrar must receive legal documentation displaying the student’s new name. Acceptable forms of documentation include:

  • Passport

  • Court Order

  • State-issued photo ID

  • Birth certificate

  • Marriage license

Once we process your documentation, your name will be changed in our records, and an email notification will be sent to Student Services, Computer User Services, Financial Aid, Residence Life, Community Safety, and the Business Office. You may wish to confirm with these offices that they have received this notification and processed your name change.

You can pick up your updated Student ID in 28 West. Be sure to bring your old ID, so you will not be charged a fee for the replacement ID.

Speak with Computer User Services about changing your email address and your name in IRIS.

Please note that any document retained by the Registrar that was generated prior to your name change (including application materials, Declaration of Major forms, etc.) will not be altered to reflect your new name. However, any new documents (including transcripts and your diploma) will display only the new legal name.

Changing your name in Oregon

Instructions for legally changing your name in Multnomah County can be found here.