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ATLAS Petitions and Exceptions

Department and Interdisciplinary Committee chairs may request individual exceptions to major requirements via the ATLAS “Petition” process.  This includes permitting a course that is less than a unit to satisfy a requirement, course substitutions, and other deviations from the published catalog requirements.  It is not a petition process, it is simply a request for an exception.

How to Submit a Petition

In ATLAS, open the evaluation of the student for whom you wish to request an exception.  Then click on the “Petitions” tab.

In the left column, click the “Add Petition” link.  It is a light grey, but is an active link.

This will open a new dialog box, “Add new Petition for Exception.”  It is free type, so enter the exception that is requested and click the “Submit Petition” button.

I Still Have Questions!

For additional help to answer questions about ATLAS results, please contact your adviser or the Registrar’s Office.

You may also submit your question to ATLAS by sending an email using the link below. If you wish to receive a response, be sure to include your name.

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