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I think the report is incorrect. What should I do?

The first step is to clarify what you believe is incorrect. The following are some of the most common problems and courses of action:

The major is wrong on the report.

Students who have not officially declared or changed their major should submit a Declaration of Major to the Registrar’s Office. Once the major has been updated, ATLAS will display the major in the report. If the major change is effective for a future term, the change will not be reflected until that term. First- and second-year students can complete a short form to change their intended major before formally declaring their major.

The major requirements are wrong.

Note the catalog year that appears in the major requirements section. Catalog year indicates the catalog the student is following to complete requirements (generally, from their first semester at Reed). Students who believe they should have a different catalog year should contact the Registrar’s Office.

Group requirements are wrong.

Group requirements are associated with catalog year but can be updated for students who enrolled prior to fall 2019. Declared majors who wish to change group requirements must submit a new declaration of major; prior to declaring, a student can complete a short form to change group requirements.

Transfer courses do not appear in the right place.

If there are concerns about a transfer course that should be applied to requirements, contact the Registrar’s Office or your academic adviser.

Courses are not applied to the right requirement.

ATLAS uses a “best fit” approach to meet requirements, so classes may apply to different requirements as a student takes more courses. Students who believe the “fit” is in error should check with their academic adviser or the Registrar’s Office. As we continue to develop ATLAS we will see fewer such cases.

A department/committee chair agreed to substitute a course, but the substitution is not reflected in ATLAS.

Check with the department chair to be sure the substitution has been forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. Once substitutions are entered and a new report has been run, the change will appear as an exception on the evaluation.

The concentration is missing from the report.

If a student has not declared a major with the associated concentration, the student should submit a Declaration of Major to the Registrar’s Office. Students who have not yet completed a minimum of 13 Reed units can complete a short form showing their intent to major. If a student submitted the form, it’s possible the form is not yet processed.

I Still Have Questions!

For additional help to answer questions about ATLAS results, please contact your adviser or the Registrar’s Office.

You may also submit your question to ATLAS by sending an email using the link below. If you wish to receive a response, be sure to include your name.

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