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ATLAS - "What If"

ATLAS allows one to explore how courses might look in a major other than the major of record. It is also possible to explore how a minor might look, or to investigate how courses would apply to the 2019 distribution requirements.

To explore these options, use the "What If" function in ATLAS.

How to Run a "What If" Scenario

In the left-most column, click on the “What If” link. It lis grey, but is an active menu option.

Select the area of study (under the second horizontal black bar).  You can change the major, select a concentration within a major, and even see how a minor might look.

Click the grey "Process What If" box above the top horizontal black line.

You will then see how the program might look.

To return to the existing Degree Progress Evaluation, click the “Worksheet” tab under your ID number.


To see how the 2019 distribution requirements would look:

If you are following the 2018 group requirements, and want to see how the 2019 group requirements would look, click on the grey "What If" button to the left.

For the Major, select 2019 Distribution Reqs (the top option on the list).

Click the grey "Process What If" button.

You cannot see department or division requirements in this view, but your courses will be applied to the 2019 distribution requirements.

To see how a particular class would appear in your evaluation:

To see how adding a particular class might affect your degree progress, click on the grey "What If" link to the left.

Under the third horizontal black bar, you can enter a course by subject and course number. Click the “Add Courses” button, the course will appear in the Reed Catalog box.  You can add multiple classes.

You must also select a major (and concentration, if applicable), even if it is your existing major.

When you have entered the major and the classes you want, click the “Process What If” button above the top black bar.  The planned classes will appear in your evaluation in blue text.

I Still Have Questions!

For additional help to answer questions about ATLAS results, please contact your adviser or the Registrar’s Office.

You may also submit your question to ATLAS by sending an email using the link below. If you wish to receive a response, be sure to include your name.

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