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Academic Advising Handbook


This publication was introduced in 1971, when the Administration Committee agreed that faculty would be well served by a comprehensive document that included useful information for academic advisers. Although it has changed significantly over the years, the handbook remains the primary resource document for academic advising. Because one of Reed's strengths is the strong teaching and advising relationship between faculty and students, such a resource supports the academic well-being of our students. It may well be the case that no single factor is greater in the success or failure of students here than the degree of seriousness with which members of the Reed faculty regard this obligation.

It is our hope that the handbook contains the information faculty and students need regarding our requirements and regulations. This will help students make effective progress in their degree program. The handbook also lists resources for advisers in their work with advisees beyond the curriculum and resources for students who find themselves in academic or personal difficulty.

Major planner documents for each department major and for interdisciplinary majors are available at the registrar’s office and on the Reed College website at 

Any suggestions, corrections or questions about the Advising Handbook will be considered and are very much appreciated. Forward them to our office so that we can continue to make this document more useful to you. Thanks very much for the work you do to guide students along their degree path.

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