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Mathematics-Computer Science

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Sample First and Second Year Programs

Courses typically taken by a first year Computer Science-Math major:

Fall Spring
Hum 110      Hum 110     
Math 111       Math 112
CSCI 121  Group I or II course


Math 111 should be taken in the fall unless that requirement has already been satisfied.  CSCI 121 can be taken either semester. 

For students with advanced placement:  If a student does not need to take CSCI 121, it is recommended that they take CSCI 221 instead.  If they do not need to take Math 111, they should typically replace it with Math 113.

 For students considering other majors: Students who are considering a major (other than mathematics or computer science) that requires two units of them in their first year usually take four units during the spring semester.

Courses typically taken by a second year Computer Science-Math major:

Fall Spring
Math 113 Math 202 (or Math 332 or both)
Math 201 CSCI 382
CSCI 221 Group requirement
Group requirement


 Note: Some 300-level math or computer science electives can be taken by a second year student following this schedule, and some students will have taken these classes earlier than in the above schedule.  Often students take CSCI 387, CSCI 389, or an elective during their second year.

For students beginning the major as sophomores

Courses typically taken by a first year Computer Science-Math major:

Fall Spring
Math 111 Math 112
Math 113   CSCI 221
CSCI 121    Group requirement
Group requirement Group requirement



Courses typically taken by a second year Computer-Math Science major:

Fall Spring
CSCI 387 CSCI 382
Math 201   CSCI 389
Math or CS elective Math 202
Math or CS elective Math or CS elective


Off-campus Study Options

The most common options are to spend a semester in the Budapest Semester in Mathematics (the BSM) or to spend a semester at the Aquincum Institute of Technology in Budapest (the AIT Budapest), to study under the tutelage of eminent Hungarian scholar-teachers with courses taught in English. The BSM provides study in mathematics and the AIT Budapest provides study in computer science and software engineering. Each program has courses in topics that bridge mathematics and computer science, for example, a course in the theory of computation and a course in quantum computation.

A recently adopted program similar to the BSM is Math in Moscow, in Moscow, Russia.  Other overseas affiliated universities offering courses in mathematics taught in English include: Trinity College Dublin, the Universities of Sussex and East Anglia, and Oxford University.  Students with requisite language background can also study mathematics on Reed programs in Germany, France, Ecuador, and Spain.

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