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Group Requirements

The current Group Requirements are part of the Distribution Requirements that are required to complete a degree at Reed College.  Group requirements are fulfilled with 3 units in each of the three groups: two units must come from the same subject and the third unit must come from a different subject. (Note: No course can count towards more than one group. 200-level Humanities courses not used for the Humanties requirement can apply to either Group 1 or Group 2, but not both. A maximum of 2 units can come from language courses. If 2 units are being taken in language courses, the 2 units must be in the same language.)

Group 1
Art, GLAM language/literature, Comparative Literature, CRES, Creative Writing, Dance, Languages, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theater

Group 2
Anthropology, GLAM archaeology/history, CRES, Economics, ICPS, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Religion, Sociology

Group 3
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology. A substantial portion of at least one unit must be devoted to primary data collection and analysis.


Students enrolled prior to Fall 2019 may still complete the previous group requirement structure: 2 units in the same subject for each of the following: (Students may use courses in their major to satisfy any one requirement other than Group X.)

Group A - Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Arts

Group B - History, Social Sciences, Psychology

Group C - Natural Sciences

Group D - Mathematics, CSCI, Logic, Foreign Language, Linguistics

Group X - 2 units in any one department outside of the major

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