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Forestry–Environmental Sciences Programs

By arrangement with the Nicholas School of the Environment of Duke University, a student may obtain a bachelor of arts degree at Reed and a professional master's degree (master of forestry or master of environmental management) from Duke in a five-year joint program. Work at Duke emphasizes three aspects of study and research in forest and other renewable natural resources: management, science, and policy.

The program calls for three years at Reed, including the completion of the general college distribution and major requirements (excluding thesis), passing of the junior qualifying examination, the acquisition of a minimum of 22 Reed units (at least 20 of which, including the distribution requirements, must be earned at Reed), and two years at Duke. Students in all academic majors may qualify for the program.

Divisional requirements:

Students whose major is in a division with divisional requirements must complete the requirements of the division.

Course requirements: (Students in all academic majors may qualify for the program.)

  1. Biology 101 and 102.

  2. Mathematics 111 or 112, and Mathematics 141.

  3. Economics 201.

  4. Successful completion of the junior qualifying exam before the end of the junior year.

Consult your major department to see what specific courses are required.

Students should plan to take the Graduate Record Examination and make formal application for admission during the third year at Reed. In the summer following the third year, the student should begin work at Duke.

Additional information may be obtained from the faculty adviser for the forestry–environmental sciences program.

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