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Engineering Programs

By arrangement with the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, or Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or California Institute of Technology (Caltech), a student may obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering (or, alternatively, computer science or certain earth and planetary sciences) and a bachelor of arts degree from Reed.

The program calls for three years at Reed, including the completion of the general college distribution requirements, major requirements in one department (excluding thesis), the passing of the junior qualifying examination, the completion of a minimum of 22 Reed units (at least 20 of which, including all but two units of the distribution requirements, must be earned at Reed), and two years at the engineering school. Transfer students entering these programs should expect to spend no fewer than five semesters at Reed to meet this requirement. The two degrees will be awarded concurrently; all requirements for both degrees must be met before either is awarded.

Course requirements:

  1. During the first year at Reed:

    1. Mathematics 111/112 or 201/202.

    2. Physics 101 and 102.

  2. General college distribution requirements.

  3. Major requirements—except for thesis and senior-level courses—must be completed in one department.

  4. Consult with the Reed dual degree coordinator for information on other required courses.

Admission to the engineering school is contingent on Reed College's recommendation and the student's having met certain course requirements of the engineering school while at Reed. Typical course requirements are two years of physics, one or two years of chemistry, and two years of mathematics including differential equations. Admission to the Columbia program requires a minimum G.P.A. of 3.3. (For Caltech the required G.P.A. is much higher) Admission to a specific field of engineering preferred by the student is not guaranteed; the student's academic record can be relevant to this issue.

Admission to Caltech is not automatic upon recommendation, but is subject to review by Caltech and may depend upon factors that cannot be anticipated. Caltech does not guarantee financial aid to otherwise eligible students.

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