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There are four issues a year, mailed in August, November, February, and May published by Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland OR 97202-8199; 503/777-7591; fax, 503/777-7595.

Reed is distributed free of charge to its alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends.


Current issue - December 2010

Reed Mag September 2010

Growing the Curriculum

The cross-pollination of Reed’s new environmental studies major.

By Geoff Koch

Finding Balance

How does Reed help students stay healthy and sane on a campus defined by its intensity?

By Chris Lydgate ’90

Reed U

The short unhappy life of the great experiment that never was.

By Jim Kahan ’64

Living Small

You think your life is tough? Try swimming through roofing tar with a flimsy flagellum. David Dusenbery ’64 explores the everyday perils of being a microbe.

By William Abernathy ’88

Life After Dark

Sneaking past the red velvet ropes with nightlife authority Taylor Plimpton ’99.

By Stewart Stone ’06

Contents of recent issues

Reed Mag September 2010

September 2010

Ten from ’10

The Class of 2010 is Reed’s largest ever. Meet ten new members of our indomitable tribe, and hear what they have to say about their studies, their theses, and their experience at Reed.

By Chris Lydgate ’90

The Perils of Praise

Reed psychology professor Jennifer Henderlong Corpus suggests that praising your children effectively is more difficult than you thought.

By Zach Dundas

Points East

Thomas Burns ’98 takes a fresh look at the south Caucasus.

By Anna Mann

Star Struck

A bizarre accident plucked Morgan Spector ’02 from obscurity and deposited him on the Broadway stage.

By Adam Penenberg ’86

Chain Reaction

How inspiring professors and the students who honored them have shaped today's—and tomorrow's—physics department. It all started a century ago, with one man.

By Matt Kelly

Reed Mag June 2010

June 2010

Deconstructing Wikipedia

Larry Sanger ’91 launched a revolution. Why does he want to start over?

By Chris Lydgate


Mutants. Draugrs. Drug lords. Author Nancy Farmer ’63 writes children’s stories that combine fantastic protagonists, bedeviling bullies, and decidedly old-fashioned themes.

By Megan Holden

Sharpening Skills At The DOJO

Students learn from their peers at the Academic Resource Center, named for Dorothy Johansen ’33.

By Romel Hernandez

Confronting Drug Use At Reed

Campus tragedy raises tough questions about Reed's approach to drug and alcohol use.

From Light, Truth

How Reed transforms lives—and how you can help.

reed magazine logodecember 2010