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Reed Mag December 2010

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Biology professor Keith Karoly helps Charlene Grahn ’11 collect larkspur specimens for her thesis research.
Photo by Matt D’Annunzio

Chris Lydgate

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Growing the Curriculum

The cross-pollination of Reed’s new environmental studies major.

By Geoff Koch


Finding Balance

How does Reed help students stay healthy and sane on a campus defined by its intensity?

By Chris Lydgate ’90

Nancy Farmer  

Reed U

The short unhappy life of the great experiment that never was.

By Jim Kahan ’64


Raising Reed

Money shouldn't be a dirty word, says Chris Moses ’02

By Chris Moses ’02


Living Small

You think your life is tough? Try swimming through roofing tar with a flimsy flagellum. David Dusenbery ’64 explores the everyday perils of being a microbe.

By William Abernathy ’88

wiki puzzle  

Life After Dark

Sneaking past the red velvet ropes with nightlife authority Taylor Plimpton ’99.

By Stewart Stone ’06


From the Editor

That Old Sportin’ Life. Read more.


Eliot Circular

Empire of the Griffin

Alumni Profiles

Puzzled Corner

You know Reed—but how well do you know Reedies? Read more.

Class Notes

Class notes are available on the alumni pages. You can also update your address, submit a class note, make a contribution to the college, and add your email address to the new on-line email directory from our website. This is a protected web site, and you will be asked to enter your last name and Reed ID. Your ID number can be found on your alumni association membership card or on your address label from a Reed mailing.


Read about books by Reedies. You can purchase these and other books through Reed’s bookstore.

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Hog Wild. Aristotle, Arragon, and Boris, the boar’s head. Read more.


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Prakher Bajpai ’14 of Kathmandu hangs the Nepalese flag at a brunch welcoming international students. Prakher is one of 112 international students from 46 countries, and the Nepalese flag is the only national banner that is not rectangular. Can someone furnish a plausible geometric or vexillological name for its unusual shape? Beam thoughts to

Photo by Eric Cable

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