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King Yama, chief of the Ten Magistrates of Hell, judges your karmic rapsheet in a hanging scroll painted in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.

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In the Eye of the Media Storm  

In the Eye of the Media Storm

During the 2008 presidential election, political science professor and early-voting expert Paul Gronke seemed to materialize on just about every media platform in the country. How does a conscientious scholar boil reams of data into a ten-second soundbite?
By Zach Dundas

To Hell and Back  

To Hell and Back

Religion professor Ken Brashier takes us on a macabre tour through the afterlife of imperial China, complete with gruesome torments, sinister magistrates, and an infernal bureaucracy run amok.
By Chris Lydgate ’90

Defending the Citadel  

Defending the Citadel

In the late 1960s, a bitter dispute over Reed’s core curriculum split the campus down the middle. The outcome would shape the college’s identity for decades to come.
By Laura Ross ’98

Radical Treatment  

Radical Treatment

The Portland chapter of the Black Panthers struck a blow against a century of racism by starting their own heath and dental clinics—with the help of a handful of Reedies.
By Martha Gies



From the Editor

Youth is wasted on the young,” my grandmother used to sigh, paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw. Read more.


Read letters from:
Tom Forstenzer ’65, Gray Pedersen ’68, Herb Dreyer ’74, Stephen Lindsay ’81, Tara Meixsell ’83, Roberta Alice Siegel ’76, Marvin H. Lehr ’54, Douglas Fenner ’71, Ruth Cederstrom Wolfer ’50, Christopher Ray ’57, Warner A. Eliot ’46, Julie Dugger ’91

Eliot Circular

Teetering on the Edge

Troll Habitat

A Bright Room Called Day

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

All the News

In Economic Crisis, Stern Scholarship Lends Helping Hand

Recession Squeezes College Budget

Osher Foundation GIVES $1 million for Reentry

Reedies nab Honors at OHSU Foundation

Celebrating 100 Years of Reed

Faculty Publications

Alumni News

Rachel Luft imageThe Alumni Association: What’s In It for You,
by Rachel Adrienne Hall Luft ’95

Regional Gatherings

Alumni Profiles

Breaking Depression’s Icy Grip: Kenneth Koe ’45

An Electrifying Puzzle: Economist Lester Lave ’60

Fall of the House: Tamara Carroll ’03

Reedie Wins Grant For Regenerative Medicine: Paul Knoepfler ’89

Class Notes

Class notes are available on the alumni pages. You can also update your address, submit a class note, make a contribution to the college, and add your email address to the new on-line email directory from our website. This is a protected web site, and you will be asked to enter your last name and Reed ID. Your ID number can be found on your alumni association membership card or on your address label from a Reed mailing.


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The Half-Time Crucifiction: innocent prank or divine retribution? Read more.

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Back cover: Freshman Emily Lai ’12 flings a handful of snow at an innocent photographer outside Old Dorm Block during last winter’s big freeze. Image by Molly Gingras ’09

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