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Reed Mag Spring 2009

On the cover

Poseidon, the Earth shaker, gazes serenely upon his domain (which presumably extends to Reed) in this reproduction of a bronze statue dated approximately 460 BCE..

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Chris Lydgate

Class Notes editor
Laurie Lindquist

Alumni News Editor
Robin Tovey '97

Development news editor
Matt Kelly

Graphic Designer
Chris Michel

Web Designer
Raymond Rodríguez




Reed Launches Centennial Campaign

In the midst of the deepest recession since World War II, the college launches the most ambitious campaign in its history. Madness? You be the judge.
By Chris Lydgate

Minh Tran  

Dancing Across Borders

Professor Minh Tran brings new rhythm to Reed’s dance department.
By Claire Sykes

Lee Blessing  

The Way We Weren’t

Playwright Lee Blessing ’71 talks to an old classmate about social amnesia, the amorality of the eye, and his new play, A Body of Water.
By Martin Rosenberg ’71

Radical Treatment  

Nine from ’09

Straight from the chambers of thesis hell—meet some of the most interesting members of the Class of 2009 as they ascend to the glorious rank of alumni.
By Chris Lydgate ’90

Thomas Eliot  

How the Humanities Saved Reed

The trustees’ appointment of president Norm Coleman in 1924 touched off a faculty revolt, ultimately resulting in the humanities curriculum that would become one of the college’s most important intellectual legacies.
By John P. Sheehy ’82



From the President

I have taken the liberty of usurping the Editor’s Letter to make a special announcement… Read more.


Read letters from:
Marc Madden ’71, Stephen Karakashian, Bill Rotecki ’70, Dudley Ladd, Jason Seidel ’90, Dan Feller ’72, José Palafox ’09, Emma Fredieu ’09, Eileen Reierson M.A.T. ’67, Michael E. Levine ’62, David Casseres ’65, J.D. Eveland ’64, Jim Kahan ’64, Janet Burstein Svirsky ’74, Reece Heineke ’03, Barbara Wuest Thompson ’43, James Robertson ’51, Dick Blohm ’48

Eliot Circular

Playing With Fire

Return of the Steelhead

Last Man Standing

It Don’t Mean a Thing if…

Disc of Judgment

We Did It!

Two Professors Receive Tenure

Board Elects New Trustees

Tightening the Belt

Alumni News

Rachel Luft imageAlumni Association: Around the World in 80 Days,
by Rachel Adrienne Hall Luft ’95

Empire of the Griffin

Evolution of Epistemology Forever

Alumni Profiles

A Rebel Remembers the Waterfront

An Epistemological Thriller

A Torturous Parody

Lawyer Trades Briefcase for Dogsled

Class Notes

Class notes are available on the alumni pages. You can also update your address, submit a class note, make a contribution to the college, and add your email address to the new on-line email directory from our website. This is a protected web site, and you will be asked to enter your last name and Reed ID. Your ID number can be found on your alumni association membership card or on your address label from a Reed mailing.


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Nitrogen Day: Behind Reed’s enduring affinity for the seventh element Read more.

back cover

Back cover: Erica Lee ’12 paints the Quad red in honor of Holi, the Hindu festival of colors.. Photo by Molly Gingras ’09

reed magazine logoSpring 2009