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reed magazine logoSeptember 2010

Ten From ’10

Who—or what—is a Reedie?

By Chris Lydgate ’90 | photos by orin zyvan ’04

To answer this age-old conundrum, we sought out 10 good-natured representatives of the Class of 2010 and asked them some questions about the one topic Reedies never tire of discussing—their theses! They told us about the intricacies of transgenic poplar trees, plagiarism among Christian mystics, the Sinification of milk, and hunting for planets in distant solar systems. But they didn’t stop there. They also talked about learning to dance, seeing snow for the first time, taking up ju-jitsu, joining the Navy, and many other adventures. We hope these pages will give you a glimpse of their brilliance, their creativity, and their sheer intellectual chutzpah—the same qualities which are, after all, the quintessential characteristics of this elusive species.

Greg Given Aaron Call Shreya Shrestha Barbara Guerra Torres
Mic Parker Melody Harvey Ryan Lau John Wilmes Christian Anayas

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reed magazine logoSeptember 2010