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Isela (Girl in Spray), 1993, from Barrio: Photographs from Chicago’s Pilsen and Little Village by Paul D’Amato ’80.

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Life in the Barrio

Photographer Paul D’Amato ’80 was driving on the South Side of Chicago one summer day and took a chance turn into a neighborhood that took his breath away. In the Mexican barrio of Pilsen he discovered gangs, street parties, families trying to make ends meet … and grace.

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What's Communism, Atheism, and Free Love Got To Do With It?

Reed’s first president, William Trufant Foster, launched a small revolution in higher education with his maverick ideas about how a college ought to be run. But when he publicly opposed U.S. involvement in World War I and was branded as a “traitor” and “socialist” in the local press, he struck back. Foster moved on. The epithets remained.

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Oral History of a Brand

Alumni, professors, and a college president remember what “communism, atheism, free love” meant to them… a collection of reminiscences from the Oral History Project.

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America the Beautiful?

From the Great Depression to Doonesbury: Reed’s American Studies program turns 40.

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Biology from the Beginning

For the past decade, Reed students have taken a unique curriculum into elementary schools across Portland to teach kids the basics of scientific thinking.



From the editor

I was amused in July to crack open a special section of the New York Times called "Education Life" and discover, amongst the earnest articles, a collection of off-beat snapshots showcasing collegiate couture. There, near the back, was Reedís unique sartorial statement: students without shoes and socks, their feet as naked as on the day they were born. Read more.


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The People in the Shadows
By Michael Ungar ’82

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Reed president William Trufant Foster reviews student army trainees in 1917. What does this have to do with communism, atheism, and free love? Read on.