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Reed Mag Summer 2009

On the cover

Flamenco guitarist Diego del Gastor in fiesta in the
Andalusian pueblo of El Gastor, where he grew up. Photo taken
in 1970 by William Davidson.

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Chris Lydgate

Class Notes editor
Laurie Lindquist

Alumni News Editor
Robin Tovey '97

Development news editor
Matt Kelly

Graphic Designer
Chris Michel

Web Designer
Raymond Rodríguez




Financial Aid: Behind the Headlines

A front-page story in the New York Times prompts discussion about financial aid at Reed.
By Chris Lydgate

Minh Tran  

Centennial Campaign Gains Momentum

Reedies respond to New York Times article; parents pitch in; Paul Mockett ‘59 gives college tons of wheat; physics majors contribute more.

Lee Blessing  

Moving On

Four iconic professors retire: Leila Falk in music, Pat Wong in dance, Bill Tudor ’65 in sociology, and David Griffiths in physics.


A Spiritual Odyssey

Friends warned Don Miller that hanging out at Reed would weaken his faith. Instead, his experience became the basis of his bestseller, Blue Like Jazz.
By Romel Hernandez

Thomas Eliot  

Grains of Truth

Geneticist Pamela Ronald ’82 cooks up a new strain of rice—potentially benefitting millions of people.
By Bobbie Hasselbring


Possessed by the Magic of Flamenco

A physics major’s personal journey to flamenco and back.
By Steve Kahn ’66



From the Editor

Lurking beneath the deceptive languor of summertime
at Reed… Read more.


Read letters from:
Mickie Smith Churchill Binda ’50, Franz Friedrich ’50, Nancy Stewart Green ’50, Steve Arch, Ray Wells ’94, Roger Porter, Gerson Robboy ’69, Stephen Robinson ’72, Mark Freehill ’75, C. Herald Campbell ’33

Eliot Circular

Biggest Class Ever

Knight in Glowing Armor

Meier Award

Language of the Nude

Class of ’21 Awards

Now We’re Cooking

Credit Crunch

Financial Aid at Reed

Alumni News

Sandy BolesUnpacking the Black Box,
by Sandy Blake Boles ’92

Empire of the Griffin

Adventures in First Person: After Mumbai

From the Archives: The Proper Place for Hydrogen in the Periodic Table

Reunions 2009

Habits of the Heart

Alumni Profiles

Bee Witched

Madness and Sanitation in Haiti

Psych Major Finds a New Kind of Reward

Class Notes

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Tales of the F.B.I. Read more.

back cover

Back cover: Who says Reedies can’t be domesticated? Jordan Kohn ’09 smoothes over a few last-minute wrinkles moments before Commencement. Photo by Orin Zyvan ’04.

reed magazine logoSummer 2009