What Is a Reedie, Anyway?

Meet twelve graduates from the class of ’23.

October 11, 2023

They studied mouthbrooding fish, knapped obsidian, analyzed Beyoncé and Katy Perry, investigated disability labor policy, translated Chinese and Russian, played frisbee and basketball and chess, learned to rock climb and to crochet and to knit—meet 12 members of the class of 2023 as they reflect on their time at Reed, the professors who inspired them, and the ideas that blew their minds.

Bean Fischer
Beq Yonaka
Caen Corontzos
Evangeline Nañez
Joshua Park
Kodinna Anachebe
Lori Der Sahakian
Millie Foreman
Nareg Kedjejian
Olivia McGough
Stephanie Shu
Tina Bardot


A Fish Holds Her Eggs in Her Mouth for Two Weeks. Why?

Meet neuroscience major Bean Fischer.

Capitalism, Labor, and Disability in the U.S.

Meet anthropology major Bequerel Yonaka.

Making Better Algorithms for DNA Compression

Meet computer science major Caden Corontzos.

Basketball and the Model Minority Myth

Meet comparative race and ethnicity studies major Joshua Park.

How Do We Center Students in Their Own Education?

Meet chemistry major Kodinna Anachebe.

Exoticism in Post-9/11 Pop and Hip-Hop

Meet music major Lori Der Sahakian.

Mysticism, Subjectivity, and Embodied Experience

Meet comparative literature major Millie Forman.

Frogs, Brain Chemicals, and Feelings

Meet biochemistry and molecular biology major Nareg Kedjejian.

Analyzing U.S. Migration Data by Gluing Triangles Together

Meet mathematics major Olivia McGough.

Queer Love in Early Republican Chinese Fiction

Meet Chinese major Stephanie Shu.

Evaluating an Environmentally Conscious Investment Strategy

Meet environmental studies–economics major Tina Bardot.



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