L to R: Hannah Katibah, Karen Garcia, and Macy Joachim. 
L to R: Hannah Katibah, Karen Garcia, and Macy Joachim. 

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Get to know Hannah Katibah, Karen Garcia, and Macy Joachim. 

By Human Resources | November 1, 2023

Meet staff members Hannah Katibah, Karen Garcia, and Macy Joachim. 

Macy Joachim 

What's the scariest thing you've done for fun? 

The scariest thing I've ever done for fun, and continue to do, is play roller derby. The first time I got hit on skates was terrifying! However, once you learn the rules of contact and how to fall safely, it is so empowering! After playing for seven years, it's definitely not as scary now, but it still has its moments. 

Which one of your teachers is most memorable and why? 

Ms. Orona, 4th grade. I learned so much that year! Our class learned Spanish, which wasn't in the curriculum. We put on a class musical, Annie. In preparation for that performance, we took a field trip to San Francisco to see the Broadway version of the play. The other thing that sticks in my mind is finally feeling confident in my math skills that year. Looking back, I can't believe we covered so much! 

Karen Garcia

What concert would you love to go to? 

 This isn't possible, but I would love to be able to see Nirvana, live. I was a very angsty Pacific Northwest teen and became utterly obsessed with them, so it would really be a dream come true for me—I just want to hear Bleach, live! Or be in the crowd during the MTV Unplugged performance! 

What's an unusual skill you have? 

 I'm not sure whether this is a skill or an idiosyncrasy, but I have grapheme-color synesthesia. Words and numbers are all associated with specific colors in my mind, and I've found this to be extremely helpful with recalling information. I love meeting other synesthetes because it works differently for each person.

Hannah Katibah

Share a fun experience you’ve had recently.

Paddling my SUP on the Deschutes in Sunriver last June. I went for a solo paddle midweek and didn't see another person on the river all morning, which was perfect for spotting lots of birds (including a great blue heron) and deer. I also narrowly escaped getting caught in a big summer thunderstorm!

What's one goal you have for this year?

My goal for the year is to learn a new musical instrument. I played the flute all through middle/high school but fell out of practice years ago, and I need a new hobby for the dark and rainy winter months. Right now, I am leaning towards ukulele for something portable, fun, and beginner-friendly, although my dad plays bluegrass music and keeps telling me that mandolin is the better way to go.