L to R: David, Josh, and Terry.
L to R: David, Josh, and Terry.

Questions with Building Maintenance

Get to know David Karnitz, Josh Hamilton, and Terry Hamamura in the series of staff profiles.

By Human Resources | September 20, 2023

Meet staff members David, Josh, and Terry.

David Karnitz

What is the best trip you have ever taken?

One of my favorite trips I have ever taken was to Ireland. I have been out of the USA a few times, but when it comes to trips this was one of the coolest! The biggest reason for going to Ireland was for my oldest brother’s wedding. Within the three weeks I was there, I was able to go explore Dublin, experience the fun Irish pubs with live music, and eat fresh caught fish for fish and chips. One of my top two experiences (besides getting my brother married off!) was to see the ocean and the cliffs. Harry Potter fansI even got to see the location where Dumbledore was on the rock in the ocean about to go into the cave to drink the cursed potion to get the watch! I highly recommend Ireland.

Share a fun experience you’ve had recently.

One fun experience I had recently was going to the Oregon State Fair! My recently married wife and I love to go to the state fair every year. I always enjoy all the events, seeing the animals and judging, 4-H Club projects, going to see the sales area with all sorts of unique things to buy, and live concerts with great musicians to listen to! At the end of the night we got to enjoy a Hawaiian fire show. It was a really fun experience! 

What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important?

One of the reasons I started working at Reed College was to start a new career and also I am learning new things every day in the maintenance department. The unique part about it is working with all the trades in maintenance like electrical, plumbing, carpentry and H-Vac. My job is preventative maintenance where I change filters, check motors, change belts, and complete work orders. One of the biggest things you'll learn about me is I love to learn and help others in need of assistance like teachers, students, staff, and teammates. To answer this question above, I am learning every day! It is important to be there to support others and be a good teammate. This is life knowledge that can be used inside and outside of work.


Josh Hamilton

What is the scariest thing you've ever done for fun?

I went to Ferrari Racing School both in Portland and Las Vegas (now it's just called “Ferrari experience” and it's not nearly as involved). But signing the liability waiver on a Ferrari was equal parts terrifying and exciting. After the 3 warmup laps to learn the vehicle dynamics, they essentially make you play chicken with the corners to see how fast you can come into them (72 mph). Someday I'd love to spend Saturdays on a little project car and taking it to track days.

What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done? 

In my early 20s I was a lead ramp agent for American Eagle Airlines, before I came to Reed, so there were a lot of instances of traveling on a whim with my previous coworkers. One that comes to mind is five of us flew first class on a red-eye to Dallas, Texas for Whataburger once after a shift. We landed around 2 a.m., got the goods, and ate in the admiral's lounge while we waited to get a plane back to Portland.

What's an unusual skill you have?

I can drink 3 Rockstar energy drinks throughout the day (looking for a sponsorship deal if you know anyone...) yet still fall asleep on my couch nightly around 8 p.m. This is mainly attributed to working manual labor, and parenting a toddler who currently holds the land speed record for both Poplar and Spruce classrooms at Wander in Wonder daycare.


Terry Hamamura

If you could plan the perfect meal, what would it be? Hawaiian food.

When was the  last time you celebrated something? In April, my wife & I celebrated our 24th anniversary!

What is a concert you would love to go to? I would have to say the Eagles!

Share a fun experience you had recently? On my most recent trip to Hawaii, while sitting in my brother-in-law's car garage after eating dinner, we decided to have a karaoke night. What a great time that was!

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