Toria Ellis.
Toria Ellis.

Five Questions with Toria Ellis

Get to know Reed's reactor operations manager in our series of staff profiles.

By Autumn Barber | October 24, 2023

Meet staff member Toria Ellis.

Pronouns: They/them
Department: Reactor
Position: reactor operations manager

Last book read?
Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse. I’m actually still reading it, but it’s an incredible book!

What impact are you making on your community?
My impact on the community is ensuring that the reactor program is a diverse, inclusive, respectful, and safe workplace where students can learn how to operate a reactor, how to perform research, and how to work with other students, among many other skills. The reactor is a unique opportunity for students and I’m grateful I’m able to make that opportunity available to Reed students year after year. 

What is a Reedie?
I think a Reedie is somebody who is curious, someone who is proud of having a niche interest, someone who likes to learn, someone who keeps on chugging when things get difficult, someone who isn’t afraid to reach out for help when they need it, and someone who cares about their community.

Do you remember your first day at Reed? What stands out?
My first day at Reed was in August 2015 as a first year student. It was a little overwhelming, but I remember being excited by all the possible classes I could take and clubs I could join (I think I joined 4 or 5 clubs in O-week). My first day at Reed as a staff member was mostly just paperwork (although I was excited to keep working at the reactor).

What is your current passion project?
I’m currently embroidering a pair of pants for my sibling so it looks like moss is growing on the pants. I normally just do cross-stitch, so I’ve been learning a bunch of different stitches and techniques. I’m really pleased with how the pants are turning out!

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