Miguel Sanchez-Rutledge
Miguel Sanchez-Rutledge

Five Questions with Miguel Sanchez-Rutledge

Get to know Reed's administrative coordinator in our series of staff profiles.

By Autumn Barber | November 3, 2023

Meet staff member Miguel Sanchez-Rutledge.

Pronouns: He/him, They/them

Department: Advancement (college relations)

Position: Administrative coordinator for individual gift officers

Office dog? Share their name: No dog, but I have two cats! Poe and Baloo.


Last book read?

 The Heat Will Kill You First by Jeff Goodell

What impact are you making on your community?

Overall, my role as an administrative coordinator is crucial in keeping the IGO team running smoothly. By managing various administrative tasks and implementing efficient processes, I am contributing to my team’s success and making a positive impact on the functioning of the college. I am one piece of a bigger picture and through collaboration with my colleagues, we are able to make Reed College a great place to be. 

What is a Reedie?

A Reedie to me is someone that emphasizes empathetic values, rationalism, and human agency as the foundations of morality and decision-making. Reedies seem to be endlessly curious and caring individuals, and I am happy that we, as an institution, provide an environment like this that teaches the strengths of individuals and the need to support those less fortunate. 

What is something most people don't know about you?

I love classic media. I collect vintage magazines, vinyl, and films. I appreciate the different formats of media and how the type of format changes the “feeling” of the item. I am an avid learner of history and having genuine pieces of classic media helps put history into perspective.

What is your current passion project?

I love photography. Photography allows me to capture a moment in time that might have otherwise gone unnoticed or see the world from a different perspective. Photography can change the way people see the world or allow us to take a critical look at ourselves in productive and thought-provoking ways.