What Is a Reedie, Anyway?

Twelve Reedies of the Class of ’19 talk about the ideas that ignite them.

Photos by Clayton Cotterell | September 9, 2019

A dazzling dozen Reed graduates tell who they were when they got here, single out professors who had an impact on them, and share ideas that ignited them.

Ally Watson
Ananthan Nambiar
Ashlee Fox
Bella Brownwood
Brenna Intemann-Milligan
Jeri Brand
Mia Bonilla
Oona Sullivan-Marcus
Ryan Gamblin
Shelby WIlliams
Varik Harris


Drumming and Discourse Markers

Meet linguistics major Ally Watson ’19.

Using AI To Read—And Speak—the Language of Proteins

Meet computer science major Ananthan Nambiar ’19.

NOx NOx. Who’s There?

Meet enviro studies/chemistry major Bella Brownwood ’19.

Trailer Homes and Class Anxiety

Meet history major Brenna Intemann-Milligan ’19.

Macaroni, Space Suits, and Mathematical Structuralism

Meet math/philosophy major Genya Zhukova ’19.

Sex, Gender, Identity, And Russian

Meet comp lit major Jeri Brand ’19.

Worship, Kinship, Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Art

Meet art major Mia Bonilla ’19.

Holograms, Kickboxing, and Learning To Love Letterforms

Meet physics major Oona Sullivan-Marcus ’19.

Song Cycles and Bicycles

Meet theatre major Ryan Gamblin ’19.

Blackness and the Economics of Beauty

Meet economics major Shelby Williams ’19.

Understanding How Copper Recharges Your Body's Batteries

Meet chemistry major Varik Harris ’19.



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