Rika Yotsumoto ’18

Dance major looked at bodies in motion.

September 1, 2018

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Thesis advisor: Prof. Victoria Fortuna [dance 2015–]

Thesis: meat of the matter

What it's about: My thesis is a choreographic reinscription of the oneiric experience, as corporeal consciousness viscerally perceived through the lacking body in dream, onto the waking living body.

What it’s really about: Bodies, bodies, bodies. Running bodies, sweating bodies, living bodies.

Cool stuff I did: I became a barista, got into kickboxing, and got to know some amazing dance artists.

Influential book: Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault.

Concept that blew my mind: How discreetly people waste $$$.

Favorite professors: Mariela Szwarcberg Daby [political science 2012–]! The Idea of the State with Peter Steinberger [political science 1977–]! His class was exactly the way I hoped all classes at Reed would be like. I greatly enjoyed the Tragedies of American Diplomacy with Josh Howe [history 2012–]. Jan Mieszkowski [German 1997–]! I almost made a Twitter account just to follow him. Catherine Witt [French 2005–]! Hugh Hochman [French 1999–]!

How Reed changed me: I have felt many intellectual and emotional challenges during my time here and feel that I have grown and learned a lot from that.

What's Next: Sleep and hydrate, binge watch The Office.

Awards, fellowships, grants: Mellon grant for winter/summer opportunities in dance, Career Advancement Fund, Opportunity Grant, Initiative Grant.

Desired superpower: Flying.

Actual superpower: Falling.

Pet peeve: Putting in milk before the powder for cocoa drink.