Christine Lewis ’07
Christine Lewis ’07

Lewis to Chair Fundraising Effort

A letter from the outgoing chair of alumni fundraising for Reed.

By Michael Stapleton ’10 | May 25, 2018

As the outgoing chair of Alumni Fundraising for Reed (AFR), I have the privilege of announcing Christine Lewis ’07 as my successor. I’m particularly excited about Christine taking the helm of AFR; I know few alumni whose personal passions, volunteer history, and professional background more closely align with the current needs of AFR than hers.

Christine joined the AFR steering committee in 2013 and immediately started asking insightful questions—questions that were poignant and thoughtful, and that forced the group to confront its biggest challenges and most exciting opportunities. She engaged with volunteers and college staff with the style of a true leader, fostering discussion and encouraging disagreement when necessary while making sure that all opinions were heard. 

Of course, her volunteer work with Reed is only part time. Christine has worked in politics for the past several years, most recently serving as legislative director at the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. And, let’s be honest, politics requires the skills we need in development leaders: the ability to paint a picture of a strong future, and to garner the financial support and community engagement needed to make it happen. 

In comportment, Christine is a Reedie through and through. She has a delightful quirkiness to her and a warmth that quickly puts people at ease (her Sally Jesse Raphael-esque glasses help, too). And, perhaps most importantly, she is ruthlessly devoted to and optimistic about Reed College. Christine exudes a passion about what Reed stands for—the kind of passion that makes people want to support the college now and in the future.

Reed has made remarkable fundraising progress over the past decade. Consider AFR’s impact since its founding in 2010:

Fundraising volunteers have risen from eight to more than 100.

Alumni who give $1,000+ per year have grown from 486 to a projected 675 this year.

We’ve added more than $1 million in ongoing annual support for the college.

At this point, Reed needs someone to establish a bold vision for a future Reed whose alumni support the college in overwhelming numbers and on a consistent basis. I’m so very excited to watch (and help) Christine Lewis do just that. 

Michael Stapleton ’10

Outgoing Chair of
Alumni Fundraising for Reed

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