Ticking Away

Spanish Department hosts Inaugural Congress of LALISA.

June 1, 2016

The Spanish department was proud to host an international conference on time and temporality in April, welcoming the inaugural congress of LALISA, the Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies Association of the Pacific Northwest.

Titled “New Temporal Regimes in Literature, History, and the Social Sciences,” the conference featured a wealth of ideas, including panels on Jorge Luis Borges and the labyrinths of time, the Andean world, baroque temporality, tango, Latin American hip hop, and many others. 

Keynote speakers included Julio Premat of the Université de Paris VIII, María Ochoa of Columbia University, and Julia Bryan-Wilson of UC-Berkeley. The congress was organized by the inimitable Prof. Diego Alonso [Spanish], and featured many Reed speakers, including Prof. Mónica López Lerma [Spanish], Prof. Daniel Duford [art], Prof. David Garrett [history], Prof. Libby Drumm [Spanish], Prof. Ariadna García-Bryce [Spanish], Prof. Christian Kroll [Spanish], Prof. Sharon Larisch [Spanish], Prof. Morgan Luker [music], Prof. Victoria Fortuna [dance], Charlie Hankin ’11,  language scholar Bárbara Caballero, and Spanish major Clay Wilwol ’16.

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