Tim hackenberg Tim Hackenberg: Following 19 years on the faculty at the University of Florida, Tim landed at Reed in 2009. He is interested in why people and other animals do what they do. When not in the lab, you might find Tim at a local music club, chasing his chickens around the backyard, or making a mashup.
Lavinia Tan Lavinia Tan: Lavinia received her Ph.D. from the University of Canterbury in 2009 and has been at Reed as a Postdoctoral Scientist since 2010. She is interested broadly in animal cognition, with particular interests in counting and numerosity. When not in the lab, you might find Lavinia walking her dog, reading, or dancing.
Lisa Hiura

Lisa Hiura: Lisa is interested in prosocial animal behavior and behavioral neuroscience. When not in the lab, you might find Lisa baking assorted goods, practicing the ukulele, or starting a new sewing project.

Jasmine Huang

Jasmine Huang: Jasmine is interested in behavioral economics and developmental psychology. Out of the lab, she has a cat, two cockatiels, and two rats (because as a child she wasn't allowed to have non-fish pets) that she probably spoils a little too much.

Marisol Lauffer Marisol Lauffer: Marisol is interested in nonhuman animal behavior and cognition, and finding a way to approach enrichment from a species-specific and ecologically relevant perspective. She is currently spending her time juggling school, research, and being a nanny, while still trying to be a good mother to her two cats, Felix and Epsilon. When she is not working with some sort of animal (nonhuman or otherwise), Marisol continues on her quest to hunt down the perfect pie.
Lauren Vanderhooft

Lauren Vanderhooft:  Lauren is interested in response control and what causes behaviors through chain procedures and stimulus control at large.  She wishes to further explore learning by observing the controlling factors of behavior. When not in the lab, you might find Lauren watching horror movies, playing with her ferrets, practicing cello, or burning food.

Greg Wilkinson

Greg Wilkinson: Greg is interested in programming and automation, animal care and apparatus fabrication. When not in the lab, you might find Greg baking, gardening and slaying dragons, monster and other unsavories in online video games. He also enjoys attending comic, video game and anime conventions with his teenage daughter, Blake.