Learning & Adaptive Behavior Laboratory

Department of Psychology


Tim hackenberg

Tim Hackenberg: Following 19 years on the faculty at the University of Florida, Tim landed at Reed in 2009. He is interested in why people and other animals do what they do. When not in the lab, you might find Tim walking with his dog, at a local music club, or struggling to learn Italian.

Lavinia Tan

Cyrus Kirkman: Cyrus graduated from Reed in 2020 and is the acting manager of the Hackenberg lab. His interests include behavioral economics and comparative cognition (especially extensions into plant behavior). Cyrus has recently been enticed by the experimental and analytical potential of computational thinking, and has been learning to apply various programs and languages across facets of behavioral science. When outside the lab, Cyrus enjoys cooking, reading, and playing basketball. Beginning in fall 2021, Cyrus will be joining Dr. Aaron Blaisdell's lab at UCLA to pursue a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience. 

Lisa Hiura

Matt Wan: Matt is interested in behavioral economics and decision-making in general, with a focus on delay and probabilistic discounting. He was a Psychology-Economics interdisciplinary major at Reed and an incoming graduate student in the Behavioral Economics Lab at Washington University under the direction of Dr. Leonard Green.  Out of the lab, you might not find Matt because he would be sleeping on his couch.

Jasmine Huang

Anne Cao: Anne is interested in behavioral economics and decision-making, especially in the courts.  Out of the lab, she likes travelling and has been to over 20 countries. Among all of those countries, Maldives is her favorite.

Marisol Lauffer

Kit Gurin:  Kit loves animals. Whether they’re flying, four-legged, furry, feathered, friendly or feisty, they’re all great. She’s interested in animal cognition and behavioral ecology and hopes to pursue a career in wildlife behavior/medicine.  When not in the lab you can find Kit enjoying the outdoors and looking for dogs to pet at the park.

Lauren Vanderhooft

Anika Banister: Anika is a studio art major who learned to love pigeons in Tim’s Comparative Cognition class, and is now looking forward to studying sleep disturbances in rats at Portland VA this summer. When not in the lab or the studio, she’s working as a SHARE Advocate, attending poetry mics, or training her two kittens Moz and Gun.

Greg Wilkinson

Greg Wilkinson: Greg is interested in programming and automation, animal care and apparatus fabrication. When not in the lab, you might find Greg baking, gardening and slaying dragons, monster and other unsavories in online video games. He also enjoys attending comic, video game and anime conventions with his teenage daughter, Blake.