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Russian Language Resources

This page is a collection of learning resources for Russian at Reed. Questions? Contact the LangLabbies at!

Additional resources: 

Reading and Vocabulary

The Russian Sound System

This comprehensive guide to Russian pronunciation was prepared at Reed College. The electronic version includes audio files. Although this pronunciation help, especially as it connects to the Russian alphabet, is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners of Russian might also be interested in the detailed descriptions.


Keybr provides free, online typing exercises for the standard Russian keyboard (not the Russian PC or Phonetic Russian keyboards). Exercises are based not on words, but on frequently used characters, so you focus on typing accuracy rather than correctly typing specific words. You can keep score to motivate yourself to practice.

Reading Russian Short Stories

This is a collection of Russian short stories meant to help the reader learn Russian. Each stories is followed by questions to help with comprehension. They can be downloaded, and some stories also include audio.

Grammar and Writing

Master Russian

Master Russian offers a variety of tools for helping to learn Russian. It has full language lessons, vocabulary lists and help, a Russian word podcast, etc. The site can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, but the number of resources means that it could be useful for almost any Russian language learner. The page on the Cyrillic alphabet is especially useful for beginning students.

Записки отважного бойца языкового фронта

This Russian-language blog about Russian grammar and writing is both informative and entertaining. Much of it's content relates to style, punctuation, and orthography, so it's a good source for students composing in Russian. Because the blog is in Russian, it's not suitable for beginning students.