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Chinese Language Resources

This page is a collection of learning resources for Chinese at Reed. Questions? Contact the Mandarin Language Resources Specialist, Liliana Santos-Vallejo, at!

Additional resources:


Chinese Grammar Wiki

This extensive wiki organizes articles about Chinese grammar by level and then by word, phrase, or idea. Articles give lengthy explanations and Chinese example sentences with English translations and have both internal and external links for further reading. Advanced grammar is still under construction, so this resource is best for beginning, intermediate, and early advanced Chinese learners.

Reading and Vocabulary


This interactive website provides information about characters including radicals, pinyin, and high and medium frequency example words. There are also phonetic lists with components that provide information about pronunciation. This is a good resource for beginning students.


ChinesePod offers thousands of audio lessons and videos for Chinese learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced students, as well as other Chinese-learning materials. Lessons are interactive and teach students, especially at the beginning level, about common phrases and topics of conversation. Lessons feature transcripts in Chinese characters, pinyin, and English translation and vocabulary tools. For login information, email Beth Platte or stop by her office (Hauser Library 38).


Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. Since many search engines commonly used in the United States aren't available in China, Baidu is a good choice for searching for and connecting to Chinese websites.

Baidu Baike

Baidu Baike is a collaborative encyclopedia run by Baidu, similar to Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia has been fully or partially blocked several times in China, Baidu Baike offers a more comprehensive Chinese-language wiki-style encyclopedia. However, Baidu Baike adheres more closely to Chinese government sanction standards.