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Russian Language Resources


Oxford Dictionaries

Access to the Russian Oxford dictionary is provided to Reed community members by the Library and requires a Reed login. This comprehensive dictionary includes audio and information about idiomatic phrases.


The Russian Sound System

The Russian Sound System is a comprehensive guide to Russian pronunciation prepared at Reed College. This rsource was created for beginners, but intermediate and advanced learners of Russian might also be interested in the detailed descriptions.


You must install a Russian keyboard to type in Russian. Macs and PCs may have slightly different keyboard layouts. 

There is also a Russian phonetic keyboard that maps Russian characters onto Latin characters with similar pronunciation. The Russian phonetic keyboard is popular among English-speaking Russian language learners. 

Typing help for Macs

  • Set up your computer to type using a Russian keyboard layout.
  • Use the keyboard viewer to view the Russian keyboard layout while you type. This may be especially useful as you are adjusting to the Russian keyboard layout.

Typing help for Windows 

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