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Arabic Language Resources

This page is a collection of learning resources for Arabic at Reed. Questions? Contact the Arabic Language Resource Specialist, Maggie Davies, at!

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Arabic Grammar Search

This resource from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center is a set of online lessons sortable by grammatical point. Though the interface is outdated, this resource is useful for review of specific grammatical points.

ACON Verb Conjugator

This website allows you to conjugate Arabic verbs by choosing the triliteral root and the conjugation pattern. A more powerful version of ACON is also available as a paid app for iOS and Android.

Reading and Vocabulary

Arabic Alphabet Guide

This interactive website from San Diego State University teaches users how to pronounce and write the letters of the Arabic alphabet. There is an animated page for each letter with pronunciation and writing practice. Watch out - the site plays sound immediately upon loading!

Reading and Vocabulary Practice

This website has various exercises, vocabulary, and tips. Written in English with Arabic practice, this is a great resource for beginners.

Other Resources


Al-Kitaab is a recommended textbook for beginning to learn Arabic. Their companion website has audio activities as well as further resources within the program.

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