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Campus Email Preferences

Did you know that there are some useful preferences for your Reed email account that you can control?  Log in to IRIS and click on Campus Email Prefs (it's under Personal Info).

From there you'll be able to manage the following preferences:


When you created your Kerberos account you automatically got an "" address based on your username.  You also got something called an "alias" which lets people send email to "" in addition to "".

If you would like additional aliases you may request them from the Addresses screen in Campus Email Prefs.  Aliases must be approved before they are activated so please be patient.


If you wish to activate or change the forwarding of your email you can do so here.  This is the preferred method of forwarding your email; using the POP retrieval feature of Gmail and other mail services is not recommended because it requires giving your password to third parties and is slower than real forwarding.

We hear from several people each year who have set up POP retrieval instead of forwarding without realizing some of the unintended consequences.

Spam & Trash

Your spam and trash folders can be emptied automatically; set the frequency here.  Please note that these preferences will have no effect if you are forwarding your email.


Posted: September 14, 2011

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