Human Resources

Employment at Reed

The college’s extraordinary faculty and staff are central to our vibrant, engaging community. Reed's human resources office supports opportunities to recruit new employees, grow your career, and connect with others in our diverse and inclusive campus community. Review the resources here and please reach out to us with any questions. We recognize that attracting and retaining outstanding faculty and staff is critical to supporting inclusive excellence at Reed.


Recruiting new employees to Reed is one of the most important aspects of a staff member’s job. There are three phases in the recruiting process: preparation, recruitment, and onboarding.

Hiring at Reed

New Employees

Starting out in a new position at Reed College is an exciting time. We’ve created a list of resources to explore in your first week and month to help make your transition as smooth—and enriching—as possible, and to assist supervisors in guiding new employees during this time.

Welcome to Reed

Ending Employment

Learn more about the processes for ending employment at Reed and planning for the transition with minimal disruption.

Preparing for Departure