History Department


Exclusive of work needed to meet general college and divisional requirements, students are required to complete:

  1. Humanities 220, or Humanities 211 and 212, or Humanities 231 and 232. For students using the pre-2019 distribution requirements, these courses are considered part of the major field of study and may not be used to satisfy the Group A or Group B requirement.
  2. Six semesters (six units) of history courses. (Lower-division history courses taken outside Reed College may be included only with the consent of the department.) These history courses must be distributed so as to include, chronologically, at least one unit before 1800 and one unit after 1800, and geographically, at least one unit in each of the following areas:
    a. Europe;
    b. United States;
    c. areas outside Europe, the United States, and Canada.
    The same course may fill both a geographical and a chronological requirement. No more than two cross-listed courses from other departments may be included.
  3. One semester of a junior seminar (History 411), to be taken during the junior year. (The junior seminar counts as one of the six required units in history.) Students must pass two Reed history classes and be declared History majors before registering for the Junior Seminar.
  4. History 470.

Note: 300-level history courses are ordinarily open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and to first-year students only with the consent of the instructor.